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27 Feb Organize Your Home Office Space in Style

Working from home has become a more common practice now that people are freelancing for themselves or telecommuting with others for work.  Designating a specific room or corner in your home to be an office will provide efficiency and comfort during the workday.  And, since...

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09 Jan Kitchen and Bath Remodel Advice for Home Sellers

If you are planning to sell your home, it's important to look beyond staging rooms with fancy furnishings or décor in order to catch potential buyers' eyes. Home buyers today are looking for specific features in their kitchens, baths and other key areas of the home. While you may not be able to change the structural...

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18 Mar The Five Essential Renovation Questions

Whether you live in Miami, Santa Fe, Topeka or Denver, kitchen renovation is most successful when you plan ahead as comprehensively as possible. And planning begins with the process of asking some very essential questions. It may not be the most exciting part of remodeling your kitchen, but...

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01 Jul Going Gray in the Kitchen

While for years, homeowners have gone back and forth between favoring stark white kitchens to preferring bold shades, the hottest trend currently is somewhere in the middle: gray. Considered the "new neutral", gray has grown in tremendous popularity, showcased in designs from classic elegance to contemporary...

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