Kitchen Technology: The Future of Design

Kitchen Technology: The Future of Design

Creating the perfect kitchen is not only about incorporating the elements you desire, it’s also about keeping those elements efficient, easy to use and updated. Merging kitchen technology into your design will help you complete complex and time-consuming tasks promptly while also conserving energy. Automatic can openers and appliances are just the beginning of what your Denver kitchen remodel can become.

Kitchen Technology Options

Refrigerators, stovetops, ovens and dishwashers already operate with the touch of a button. Now, advanced technology has taken this a step further. Touch-less faucets, sensor trashcans, computerized appliances that scan items before cooking and countertops doubling as cooking or charging stations are but a few of the technological advances now being incorporated into kitchen remodels.


Photo | Electrolux

Glided cabinet shelves that roll and slide for easy access are convenient and also blend in seamlessly with the décor of your space.

Under-cabinet LED lighting adds a soft touch and reduces energy consumption.

Hard-wired and battery-operated appliances eliminate the clutter of electrical cords and outlets.

Wall ovens, such as the Inspiro by Electrolux, use sensors to calculate the precise combination of energy consumption and time needed to cook food to the correct temperature.

A ‘sous-vide’, or steamer oven, facilitates healthier eating by cooking a wider range of dishes that require rice, fish or chicken to be lightly prepared rather than deep-fried or roasted.

For tea drinkers, a boiling water tap, such as the Red® system by GROHE, keeps three litres of filtered kettle hot water ready for immediate use at all times, right out of your kitchen faucet.

How to Light Up the Room

Lacking decorating skills? Consider adding LED wallpaper in your kitchen or eating area. Illuminated wallpapers by Meystyle are available as a collection of 22 unique designs, each depicting a different theme. Not only do these wallpapers add to the aesthetic value of a room, they also provide energy-efficient ambient lighting.

Technology in the kitchen is all about selection. Each element comes in many designs, patterns, shapes and sizes to match your style. Think about what your personal needs are. Then, consult with a kitchen professional to help design the space that will accommodate those needs.

Technology is changing the way we operate our kitchens. Incorporating these options into your remodel will help keep you a step or two ahead of the game. It could also make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood. Contact us for more information.