Eclipse Cabinetry

Eclipse Cabinetry is a leading name in American-made, handcrafted, full-access cabinets offered by W. W. Wood Products, Inc., one of the largest family-owned cabinet suppliers in the nation.

European Inspiration

Eclipse Cabinetry utilizes ultra-efficient frameless construction, resulting in full-accessibility to the cabinet interior. Inspired by the innovation of European cabinetry, our cabinetry easily adapts to a wider range of styles. Whether you like sleek and modern or traditional cabinet design, Eclipse Cabinetry can produce the look you desire.

With full-access construction, you gain up to 10% wider drawers and openings than a traditional face-framed cabinet. Storing and accessing all of your things is efficient and simple.

Eclipse’s facilities use the latest in equipment technology to produce precise cuts, improved durability and less waste. You can achieve the look you want with functional components, a complete offering of traditional or contemporary door styles and finishes, a full spectrum of custom options like several drawer box options, and artistic hand-detailed finishes.

Find Your Style

Eclipse offers an extensive collection of wood types as well as specialty materials like laminates, acrylics and specialty veneers. Their color selection features stains and paints with glazes and distressing features as well as high gloss and matte finishes in specialty materials.

This all adds up to over 600 possible color combinations, so your perfect color is waiting. With so many choices, it may be a challenge deciding on just one, so don’t be afraid to mix it up with several colors.


Color is everything, and painted finishes provide limitless possibilities, which is why Eclipse Cabinetry offers so many choices. Their diverse collection of standard paint colors is only the beginning. For those with a particular color in mind, their custom paint program lets you choose from the entire Sherwin Williams’ palette of paint colors.


Gloss Acrylic features a deep, high-gloss surface for an ultra-sleek appearance. Featuring a color-matched PMMA (acrylic) top layer that enhances color vibrancy, Eclipse uses a matching zero joint edge-banding technology for a near seamless finish.

The Matte Acrylic surface features a color-matched PMMA (acrylic) top layer with a velvety, low-luster finish. This product is fabricated using zero-joint edge-banding technology for a seamless edge.

Thermally Fused Laminates (TFL) are textured to simulate wood grain and represent modern interpretations of wood veneers. Their versatility is outstanding and allows for easy mixing with other colors and textures.


The beauty of wood is showcased with Eclipse’s carefully selected palette of stains. Their staining process enhances the various wood species offered, resulting in a beautifully finished piece of furniture for your home.

When you add a glaze or highlight to one of their stains, you add an extra layer of depth and a change to the color tone, for even more possibilities. From traditional colors to modern interpretations, with Eclipse Cabinetry you are sure to find a finish you love.

Premium Construction

Eclipse Cabinetry’s construction is an example of the commitment to long-term durability. Their cabinets feature quality components and construction methods throughout, plus they operate their own testing lab to check the integrity of the finished products. Compare their cabinet construction against the competition and you will see why Eclipse stands out against the rest.

Key features include:
  • 3/4” thick top, bottom, and side panels*
  • 3/4” thick adjustable shelving*
  • 3/4” thick hanging rail*
  • PVC edge banding, color coordinated**
  • Durable, easy-to-clean interior in a natural, white, or linen-look laminate depending on product selected. (See retailer for more information)
  • Hinges are Blum CLIP top BLUMOTION soft-closing with easy adjustment 3/4” x 4” wide stretchers for added stability & strength
  • Standard guides are Blum TANDEM edge 7/8 extension with integrated BLUMOTION soft-closing mechanism (optional Blum TANDEM full extension guides with integrated BLUMOTION soft-closing mechanism)
  • Multiple drawer box options
  • Choose from thousands of door style, material and finish combinations

*Plywood upgrade option available in some species. Limitations and exclusions may apply. See retailer for more details. It will consist of a plywood core with MDF outer bands for consistency and stability. Some materials and finish selections not compatible with plywood option, so substitute materials will be used where applicable.
**PVC Edge-Banding is selected from available material to provide the best match possible. The edge-banding is not an exact match and may be noticeably different.

10-Year Limited Warranty

For extra peace of mind, Eclipse Cabinetry offers a 10-year limited warranty for defects in materials and workmanship on finished and/or laminated products at the original site of installation.

Green Initiatives

W.W. Wood Products actively participates in reducing their impact on the environment when crafting their products. As an active member of KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers’ Association), they stay in tune with industry best practices of environmental responsibility and manufacturing methods. W.W. Wood Products’ dedication to the environment is further advanced by their ESP certification from KCMA.

Whether you’re striving to achieve LEED certification for your project, or you’re simply interested in practicing good environmental principles, W.W. Wood Product, as a responsible manufacturer, utilizes sustainable processes that may contribute towards those efforts.

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