Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using BKC Kitchen and Bath?

We have been designing and supplying Denver kitchen cabinets and whole-house cabinetry throughout Colorado since 1978.  We help ease the remodeling process for you by delivering unmatched customer service and value.  Our team of talented designers provides both creative and efficient solutions for your space.  Additionally, the product line-up we offer provides endless flexibility for whatever level of customization you desire.  We will work with you to achieve your vision – on-time and within your budget.

Why should I purchase my cabinets from you rather than from a large national chain?

Our commitment is to make every kitchen we create the best solution we can provide with premier products and reasonable prices.  When it comes to Big Box stores, the reality is that personal service is limited and pricing is more costly.  Due to significant personnel turn-over, the big box kitchen department staff is typically very inexperienced.  In our industry, this type of inexperience results in unimpressive designs, critical mistakes and unnecessary project delays for your kitchen remodel.

How can I find out how much my project will cost?

With an infinite number of variables, every kitchen remodel is different. The best way to determine what the cost of your project might be is to visit our Denver showroom and meet with one of our designers. After an initial free consultation, which may include visiting your home, we can provide a realistic quote based on your personal needs. Our price may not be the least expensive, but you can be assured that we will provide you the best value and service.

Do you provide anything other than cabinets?

Although cabinetry is our primary focus, we offer an array of other products, including  countertop surfaces, cabinet hardware, accessories and inserts. Additionally, we provide professional cabinet installation services. If you are looking for light fixtures, sinks or bathtubs, we can refer you to reputable dealers in town.

Is there a place where I can view the products?

Our large Denver cabinet showroom makes it easy to plan any project. Creative displays and hundreds of door samples represent top brands like Crystal Cabinet Works, David Bradley Cabinetry, and Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. We also showcase countertop materials, cabinet molding, glass and cabinet hardware. Come in and be inspired!

What is the process?

After an initial consultation in our showroom, we will prepare a computer-generated design and price estimate at no cost to you*.  We prefer to visit your home to take accurate measurements.  Colors and door styles will be discussed to pinpoint your creative vision within your budget.  Once we lock in your price, it will not change unless you make revisions or additions.  While each circumstance is different, you can anticipate meeting with your designer a few times before final selections are made, the design is finalized, and the order is placed.

*A 10% deposit will be required to release our drawings prior to purchase.

Do you deliver the cabinets?

We take personal care of the storage and delivery of your cabinets.  Once your cabinetry arrives at our onsite warehouse, our warehouse team will contact you to coordinate delivery.  If you are unable to take delivery at that time, we will store the cabinets until you are ready.  Once a delivery time is established, our warehouse team will deliver your cabinets expertly and efficiently.

How long will it take to receive my cabinets?

Depending on the type of cabinets you select, it will take 5 – 10 weeks from the time we place the order to build and transport your cabinets.  Once your order has been placed, we will receive confirmation from the manufacturer with an estimated date of delivery to BKC.

Will I need a contractor or architect?

Your BKC designer will be able to advise whether or not you need a contractor or an architect, depending on the scope of your project.  If you have previously selected a contractor or architect, we can partner with them on your project.  If you are in need of a contractor or an architect, we can refer qualified trade professionals to help make your vision a reality.

How do I set up an appointment with a designer?

Simply call us at 303.761.7477 or email [email protected].  If you have been referred to us by a contractor, neighbor or friend, please let us know at the time of scheduling so that we can be sure to connect you with the appropriate designer.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment is necessary.  You are welcome to visit our Denver kitchen showroom at any time during regular business hours.  We always have a designer available who can meet with you and answer your questions.  Once you have made contact with a designer, he or she will be your point person moving forward.

What information do I need to bring to the consultation?

During the initial consultation, we will discuss colors, style preferences, your timeline, budget and the designated space.  Having a rough estimate of the space size and layout is helpful.  Additionally, we encourage you to gather ideas of projects that appeal to you.  Some suggestions are to browse through our design portfolio, clip magazine photos, and take a look at online communities such as Houzz and Pinterest.  No matter how much or how little you bring to the consultation, your BKC designer will assist you with making your dream kitchen a reality.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your cabinets?

Each manufacturer offers warranties specific to their products.

What is the difference between framed and frameless cabinetry?

In framed cabinet construction, component parts make up the sides, back, top, and bottom of the cabinet.  These parts are then joined together and attached to the face frame, which is the primary support for the cabinet.  Doors and drawers are fit in one of three ways: flush with the frame (called “inset”), partially overlaying the frame (called 1/4 overlap or lip), or completely overlaying the frame.  Framed cabinets are easy to install because they do not have the minimal door clearance tolerances found in the frameless method of cabinet construction.  However, this method of construction has less interior storage space, because the interior size of drawers or roll-out accessories is smaller than the overall width of the cabinet.

In the frameless method of construction, due to their thickness, the case parts form a box that does not need a front frame for stability or squareness.  Doors and drawers cover the entire face of the cabinet.  The major advantages of frameless construction are total accessibility to case interior and the clean, simple design statement made by the finished product.

Framed vs. Frameless

How do I clean and care for my cabinetry?
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