18 Mar The Five Essential Renovation Questions

Whether you live in Miami, Santa Fe, Topeka or Denver, kitchen renovation is most successful when you plan ahead as comprehensively as possible. And planning begins with the process of asking some very essential questions. It may not be the most exciting part of remodeling your kitchen, but...

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28 Feb A Homeowner’s Guide to Non-Granite Countertops

Although granite continues to be the most popular choice for countertop surfaces in the kitchen, heading into 2014, some homeowners are preferring to incorporate alternate countertop materials in their Denver kitchen remodel. Here is a list of nine countertop surfaces that offer unique characteristics, colors and textures that are sure...

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13 Feb Integrating Reclaimed Wood In Your Remodel

Denver Custom Cabinetry: Merging Old and New Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood Some recent trends in home remodeling have helped fuse the gap between the old and the new in many homes in Colorado. Reclaimed wood, or lumber which has been salvaged and reused, can add unique and thought-provoking character to any renovation. If...

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11 Feb 2014 Colorado Garden & Home Show

  Colorado Garden & Home Show February 15 – 23, 2014                                 Colorado Convention Center              Denver, CO       JOIN US AT THIS YEAR'S COLORADO GARDEN & HOME SHOW!   Discover the Rocky Mountain region’s oldest, largest and most prestigious garden and home show – a nine-day spectacular event –...

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21 Jan Custom vs. Semi-custom Cabinetry

BKC Kitchen Cabinets Denver Custom vs. Semi-custom Cabinetry: What are the Differences? Many homeowners want their kitchens to be the ideal place for preparing meals and spending time with family and friends. With an overwhelming choice of cabinet options, it can be difficult to choose what...

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