08 Mar Tackling the Mudroom with Custom Cabinetry

The mudroom is commonly overlooked when it comes to home renovation, especially because it's an area that tends to be transitional. For most families, the mudroom is the place where shoes slip on and off, where backpacks are dropped, and where coats, scarves, and snow...

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22 Feb Defining Studio Space with Cabinetry

The layout of a residential studio or loft is typically designed with flexibility in mind. The ability, however, for the same limited dimensions to serve multiple purposes while maintaining a sense of space can be a challenge. With the use of strategically-placed cabinetry and helpful...

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13 Jan Revive Your Kitchen in 2016

As we roll into the first month of the New Year, we're beginning to see a variety of new trends on the horizon that can be brought into your Denver kitchen design. Homeowners can expect to see a greater influence of technology, a rewind to 80’s glam décor, and...

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21 Dec Cabinets Beyond the Kitchen

When it comes to cabinetry, it may be time to think outside the kitchen. Ask most homeowners what they would change about the current décor of their homes, and one of the first responses you'll hear will be, "More storage!" So, how can you gain that extra storage? Cabinets that are used in the...

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16 Oct Make a Splash with These Backsplash Designs

One of the great benefits of having backsplashes installed in your kitchen and bathrooms is the ability to change them when you desire a new look. If you're planning to embark on a remodel in your Denver Kitchen or bath, you should begin with choosing cabinetry and countertops that will meet your design needs. Then, consider what lighting options, flooring and wall paint will best...

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28 Sep Remodeling Your Kitchen for a New-Tech Market

In recent studies surrounding the best cities to live and work in, Colorado has repeatedly been in the spotlight as one of the most sought-after places for jobs, especially in the technology and IT industries. According to Forbes, "Denver's relatively central location makes it a natural location as a distribution hub for...

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