Switch Up Your Kitchen Design Style

Switch Up Your Kitchen Design Style

During a kitchen remodel, you might be tempted to keep the same number and layout of cabinets that you currently have and simply upgrade the materials to keep it familiar. However, you should consider stepping out of that comfort zone. Add a few touches that will switch up your kitchen design style and bring fresh life to the space.

Implement one or more of these ideas into your Denver kitchen cabinets to create an environment that is more efficient and visually interesting.

Mix n’ Match Cabinets

A kitchen can look more unified and organized if its cabinets are all in the same wood and in the same style. But it can also look a little old-fashioned, stale, and boring. Avoid the mundane and bring some punch to the design by altering materials or styles in different sections. For example, make the lower cabinets dark wood and upper cabinets a light paint color. Or, option is to turn your island into an accent piece with cabinets and a countertop surface that differ from the rest of the kitchen.

Denver kitchen photos with Medallion Cabinets

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Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

If you can afford losing some counter space, you’ll increase the storage in your kitchen by incorporating floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Prevent this block of cabinetry from looking oppressive by  using solid doors or drawers for the bottom cabinets and either clear or decorative glass doors for the top. This arrangement will reflect light and make your space appear brighter and bigger. For both fun and functionality, add a library ladder for storing items in those hard-to-reach places.

Table Island

An island that has free space underneath, like a table, serves two purposes: it provides an additional counter for cooking, and it also gives you an informal place to eat when meals are ready. It grants you an eat-in kitchen area when the space has no room for an additional dining set. To make the arrangement even more efficient, choose seating that will slide under the table and out of the way, such as saddle stools.

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