Less is More in Contemporary Kitchen Design

Less is More in Contemporary Kitchen Design

If you are longing for a sleek, refined look for your kitchen remodel or new build in Denver, consider a layout that captures a contemporary style.  Clean lines, natural materials and neutral colors are all key features in contemporary design.  While this style may seem overly simple at first, the use of neutral-tone materials paired with select accent pieces will bring eye-catching appeal to your kitchen.

Simplicity of Shape in Contemporary Kitchen Design

Shape is an important element in contemporary design.  In a kitchen that has many natural 90-degree angles, using the same square-shape pattern repeatedly brings consistency to the room.  Custom cabinets or semi-custom cabinets with slab doors in frameless construction are the primary choice and are available in standard and exotic woods, laminates and glossy acrylics.  Floating wall shelves are perfect for achieving a sparse look without compromising on storage.  Keep in mind that contemporary design does not fear unused space.  A lack of material can actually be a powerful design choice.  In this instance, less is more!

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Natural & Neutral Elements

Many contemporary kitchens capture a mix of natural and neutral elements.  Stone and glass features combined with rich wood tones complement one another while retaining their own unique qualities.  Contemporary design often focuses on neutral tones to maintain a sense of space and flow that is seamless.  Choosing a few select colorful accessories will offset that neutrality which can bring creative and unique appeal to the space.

Modern Kitchen Design Featuring Cabinets

Impactful Contemporary Accessories

Whether you have a painted accent wall or a statement furnishing in your kitchen, it is recommended to keep larger accessories to a minimum in contemporary design.  Any variance in form will easily stand out, so details should not be too large or ornate.  For instance, a large piece of artwork can be an impactful feature, however it should not compete with other details in the kitchen.  A carefully planned accent or two will greatly enhance the space without compromising on simplicity.

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