The Purr-fect Pet Friendly Kitchen Renovation

The Purr-fect Pet Friendly Kitchen Renovation

It’s no secret that people in Denver love their pets. If you consider yourself to be one of them and you’re considering a kitchen remodel, there are a few features that you can include for your non-human family members. Your animals will be affected by the renovation as they learn to navigate around the new space, but they can also influence some of the decisions along the way. Here are some tips to make your home more suitable not only for you, but for your pets as well.

Avoid Cat Catastrophes 

Open shelving can give your kitchen a nice, clean design, but it can easily become a ladder or climbing disaster for an indoor cat, especially when you’re away from the house. To keep your cat safe and your kitchen in good condition, opt for cabinets with glass doors. This way, you can get the same visual appeal that revealed shelves offer, without worrying about your cat climbing around your kitchen wares. If you do include open shelves in your design, place them high and in-between cabinets; your cat will feel less inclined to jump from awkward angles to reach upper shelves, and your dishes and cooking utensils will remain in a safe zone, free of fur and disruption.

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Keep Your Dog By Your Side

If you have a large dog, or even a small devoted dog, you know how important it can be to share space in your house with them. Especially within the kitchen, a loyal dog will likely want to stick by your side and may, in turn, get underfoot. When designing your new kitchen, think about the measurements of walkways and how you’re going to move around the room while prepping, cooking and cleaning up. To show support for your canine companion, consider creating a space that will allow your dog to lounge near you without disrupting kitchen flow. Adding a deeper area under the island or a nook in the corner that can house a pet bed will allow your dog to remain close by while you prepare meals (and perhaps, to his delight, drop a morsel or two.)

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Give Pet Dishes Their Own Spot 

In an organized kitchen, every dish has its proper place. A great addition for your pet, and for you, is a space to keep food and water bowls tucked away. A designated pet dish spot will help avoid walking on slippery floors where water tends to spill and will keep a clean appearance when not in use. A pullout drawer in a base cabinet or even a tray hidden within a piece of toe kick is a great alternative to leaving dishes on the floor where they’re susceptible to being stepped on or tripped over. For a pet that is used to snacking throughout the day, utilizing a low-placed shelf in an open cabinet or on a wall will leave food accessible while also keeping it out of the way. A Denver custom cabinet with built-in storage can be added to conveniently store your pet’s food nearby.

Most people would agree that a pet is a loving member of the family. Making accommodations for the needs of these furry ones can easily be achieved through thoughtful planning and design. If you are in need of more function in your pet-friendly kitchen, contact us for innovative design ideas.