Update Your Kitchen With Style

Update Your Kitchen With Style

Cabinetry, countertops and accessories can give your Denver kitchen the rejuvenation it needs as well as a bit of character. According to styleathome.com, stark and sterile all-white kitchens as well, as the sleek but cold stainless steel look, are yesterday’s news.

For a stunning Denver kitchen remodel design, consider natural materials, black hardware and contemporary lighting. A kitchen should be clean and tidy as it’s the place where people prepare food, but it also needs to feel warm and cozy as it’s often the hub of the home where people gather and socialize.

Choosing Cabinetry

Incorporate open shelving in place of a solid wall of upper cabinets and choose base cabinets that have a bank of deep drawers instead of traditional shelves or open cupboard space. Don’t be afraid to choose cabinetry that contrasts in terms of style and color, mixing and matching lights and darks or adding a bright splash of color.

BKC Kitchen and Bath blue and white kitchen

Photo | BKC Kitchen and Bath

Lighting up the space

Interior design experts suggest using sconce lighting in your kitchen. With fewer upper cabinets, there’s more space for decorative lighting, which can be in many different styles, depending on the look you’re going for. Some of the on-trend finishes include brass, iron and black.

Making a splash

By choosing to add a solid slab of natural stone as backsplash instead of glass or porcelain tiles, you will make a noticeable design statement in your kitchen. Slabs of limestone or marble against open wall space will give the room an artistic, upscale look.

BKC Kitchen and Bath Kitchen solid surface kitchen backsplash

Photo | BKC Kitchen and Bath

Striking Gold

Aged gold and warm metals are becoming more popular as some homeowners desire something other than stainless steel. Brass, black or gold hardware such as pulls on cabinetry can look spectacular in a warm and earthy kitchen. Consider faucets in shades of iron, graphite or gold, as well.

Going Raw and Natural

Natural raw material such as exposed beams, tongue and groove ceilings and walls of brick veneer can bring a rustic look to your Denver kitchen. Natural elements such as wood floors and reclaimed wood for shelving or doors add to the warmth of a kitchen.

When taking on a total kitchen remodel, consult with design experts at BKC Kitchen & Bath. We have a wide selection of countertops, cabinetry and accessories for your Denver kitchen. For more Denver kitchen design tips, please contact us.