The Best Kitchen Colors for 2023

The Best Kitchen Colors for 2023

Color trends reflect our collective mindset. They help us make sense of our world while also encouraging calm, creativity, and connection to our daily lives.  Playing with trending kitchen colors can be exciting from a design perspective, as these hues provide an impactful opportunity to refresh the modern kitchen environment.  Of course, you don’t need to blindly follow the masses; the ideal kitchen is meant to reflect your unique personality while also taking color trends into account.

To help you accomplish both goals, we’ve highlighted some of the most exciting color developments expected in 2023, as well as opportunities for building these trends into your dream kitchen.

Out With 2022, In With 2023

Following years of dominance, white hues started retreating by late 2010s. In their place came grays and, eventually, soothing shades of green and blue. These reflected our need for serenity in the midst of a pandemic. Biophilic design (the practice of connecting people and nature within built environments and communities) was especially prominent, as homeowners sought to bring the tranquility of the great outdoors into interior spaces.

This nature-oriented emphasis was best reflected in the Sherwin-Williams® Color of the Year for 2022: Evergreen Fog. Still, there were hints of bolder and brighter styles to come, as Pantone® demonstrated with their daring violet-blue Very Perri

While serenity still remains prominent in today’s color trends, the prediction of what’s to come points towards earthier vibes. Sherwin-Williams® hints at this with their introduction of the Terra palette. According to the company’s director of color marketing, “this collection pays homage to our ‘connection to the Earth.’ We can expect rich shades of brown to take over, along with appealing clay undertones.”

contemporary kitchen with shiplap center island

Photo | Crystal Cabinet Works Inc.

Kitchen Design Trends

Similar to color trends, overarching 2023 kitchen styles will also foster a sense of calm in an ever-changing world. During the pandemic, kitchens became the center of our lives, a communal space for meals, homework, and family time. Going forward, this cherished space will continue to be the main gathering-spot in the home.

To that end, all aspects, from color to materials and even layout, will be strategically designed to provide the connection we crave. This encompasses not only relationships with our loved ones, but also to our best selves and to the natural world. Compelling trends that draw on this sense of connection include:

  • Creative storage. Sometimes referred to as working pantries or butler’s pantries, concealed spaces have been highlighted by The Spruce as one of the biggest kitchen trends in 2023. These make it easy to conceal stored food, kitchen appliances, and more. 
  • Biophilic design. As we mentioned previously, nature-oriented styles were a big deal in 2021 and 2022. This trend will continue to dominate in 2023, with a variety of kitchen features taking on organic vibes. Expect a shift to gorgeous hardwood cabinets, soothing marble counters, and even marble slab backsplashes. 
  • Large islands. The kitchen has become the center of our lives, to the point that the formal dining room feels like a ghost town. To accommodate larger groups, kitchen islands will expand in 2023, often taking the place of traditional tables entirely. Double kitchen islands became more prominent in 2022 and could see a surge in interest in the year to come.

Cabinet Color Trends

As mentioned, earthier tones are rising in popularity, revealing our desire for organic aesthetics. In 2023, this preference will be exemplified by the return of hardwood cabinets. For years, these took a backseat to sleek, painted looks. Now, homeowners are showing appreciation for hardwood’s intricate variations, which bring personality and depth to the kitchen.

Despite the growing preference for hardwood, painted cabinets will remain an appealing option in the new year. Although white has begun to fade from popularity, and gray will soon follow, calming shades of blue and green are on the rise. Both colors represent serenity and natural beauty, representing water, sky, and earth.

Looking for something a little different? Two-tone cabinets, which build an appealing sense of contrast in a kitchen design, are an alternative to single-color choices. Dark brown hues joining  forces with lighter tones will make kitchens feel airier and more vibrant. Variations in texture can also be expected, with distinctive wood grain contrasting the sleek look of paint.

kitchen with forest green cabinets

Photo | HKUK

Support for Building Your Ideal Kitchen in 2023

Are you eager to make the most of the compelling colors mentioned above? A world of opportunity awaits, but the sheer variety of options can feel overwhelming at times.

Our team at BKC is here to help. We offer valuable insight into the colors and materials that promote a harmonious kitchen environment. Our goal: to make your kitchen an inviting space, where you look forward to hanging out.

Begin by reading our guide on the 6 Steps to a Successful Kitchen Remodel. The next step? Getting in touch with our team. Contact us to discuss ideas — and to learn more about the role we can play in creating your dream kitchen.