New Cabinetry in Your Kitchen Renovation

New Cabinetry in Your Kitchen Renovation

Are you in the early stages of planning a kitchen renovation project? If so, you may be looking at flooring options, paint colors, and new energy-saving appliances. But have you considered yet what to do with your cabinetry? Perhaps you’re thinking about refacing or painting your existing cabinets or adding a few upgraded features. In the large scope of a multi-faceted project, homeowners don’t always realize just how important it is to include new cabinetry in their design. Not only does this create a better kitchen, it ensures the best return-on-investment for the remodel.

If you prefer to spruce up your current cabinets rather than replace them, here are some strong reasons to reconsider that decision.

Cabinets Impact the Overall Appeal

If you’ve been in your home for a while, you may have become accustomed to your kitchen cabinets. However, it could be time to renovate if your current cabinets are no longer appealing, functional, or configured well for the space. Refacing old cabinets in poor condition will only act as a temporary Band-Aid. It is not a long-term solution. Over time, the function and form of your cabinets will further deteriorate. You may be faced with undertaking yet another renovation down the road.

When planning to update other items in your kitchen, such as flooring, appliances, and decorative tile, you must consider how your outdated cabinets will appear next to the new items you bring into the mix. Refinished cabinets could tarnish the fresh, updated look you’re hoping for.

before photo of outdated kitchen

Before Photo | BKC Kitchen and Bath

Cabinets Can’t Always Be Repaired

The truth is, older cabinets are not always reparable. You won’t be able to magically rejuvenate them with a new coat of paint. Older cabinets often require extra work, like hinge and glide adjustments, replacement of doors and drawer fronts, updated knobs and pulls, and additional tweaking necessary for the cabinet layout. In the end, you might spend just as much money repairing and refinishing your cabinets as you would purchasing new ones.

Another point to consider: If you’re looking to change-out your current counters with new surface material, there is a high risk of cabinet damage occurring during the counter removal process.

New Cabinetry Makes Life Easier

The goal of your kitchen remodel shouldn’t just be for the room to look better once your project is complete. You must also think about how the changes to your kitchen will make your life easier when food-prepping, eating meals, and entertaining guests.

No two people cook or store food the same. It’s a good idea to come up with a cabinetry design that is most suitable for your kitchen style. For example, you might prefer big, deep drawers instead of open cabinets for the storage of dishes and cookware. Or, you might prefer to store your pots and pans near the dishwasher rather than by the stove. Whatever the case may be, planning for new cabinetry gives you choices for ensuring your kitchen runs smoothly.

Denver kitchen remodel featuring white shaker cabinets and alder center island

Photo | BKC Kitchen and Bath | Jenn Cohen Photography

Customize Your Kitchen

With new cabinetry, you gain an appealing kitchen to be proud of, with convenient features to enhance your overall kitchen experience. Would you like to redesign the layout of the room? Enlarge the space by removing walls and adding storage options? There are countless possibilities when it comes to design. Customize your cabinet features to include spice drawers, roll-outs, dishware pegs, appliance garages, and even a special spot for your pet’s food.

Whatever your ideas are, a renovation that includes new cabinetry provides the opportunity to create an optimal kitchen. There are many conveniences found in today’s cabinet choices. The quality of product craftsmanship by manufacturers such as Crystal Cabinets and David Bradley Cabinetry can’t be beat.

Throw out the old and bring in the new. Not only will new cabinetry improve your lifestyle, they will add significant value to your home should you choose to place it on the market in the future. Let us help you make your kitchen the best it can be. Contact us for the perfect Denver kitchen remodel plan.