Maximize Storage in Your Kitchen Corner Cabinets

Maximize Storage in Your Kitchen Corner Cabinets

When planning a kitchen renovation, it’s important to maximize storage space – especially in a small kitchen, where space is at a premium. Corner cabinets are often untapped resources that provide great hidden storage opportunities.

Almost all homes have at least one corner kitchen cabinet, but they tend to be space wasters; the cavernous interiors prevent easy access. However, when outfitted with smart storage components, blind corner cabinets quickly provide great organizational features. Depending on the layout of your space, adding a system for your corner cabinet will add efficiency to your kitchen design.

Lazy Susan

The lazy Susan storage system remains one of the most popular choices for organizing a corner custom cabinet. Whether inside a wall cabinet or a base cabinet, the tiered shelving system rotates or pulls out with the touch of a hand, providing easy access to items stored within. In addition to the classic round design, today’s lazy Susan designs offer an array of shapes and accessibility points, such as the Cloud Base Blind Corner from Rev-A-Shelf. Installing a lazy Susan in one or more blind corner cabinets enables you to reclaim wasted space and stay better organized.

rev-a-shelf blind base corner cabinet

Photo | Rev-A-Shelf

Corner Drawer Box

The corner drawer is highly popular for its accessibility and visual aesthetic. Built with an inverted “V” shape on the front, it blends perfectly with surrounding cabinetry and seamlessly hides contents inside. Like the Space Corner for Tandembox by Blum, when pulled open, the full-extension guides extend the drawer box out beyond the cabinet frame. This allows complete access to items without the need to reach deep inside. With corner drawers, you also have the ability to subdivide the interiors to keep dishware or small items better organized.

The interior space surrounding the corner drawers is not fully utilized due to the shape, size and clearance needed for each of the drawer boxes to open properly.  However, it’s well worth the extra storage it provides.

Pivoting Corner Shelf

Often called a magic corner cabinet, a pivoting shelving system provides complete access to items, even at the rear of the cabinet. The Magic Corner II from Hafele is an example that swivels to a 90-degree open position when pulled out. Offering durability and deep shelf design, these units are great for housing small appliances, such as a juicer or food processor and frequently used items that can clutter your counters.

Magic Corner II from Hafele

Add Storage to Your Design

Kitchen corner cabinets are valuable resources for storage. In many older homes, these cabinets were considered useless because of inaccessibility. But thanks to newer innovations, the corners in your Denver kitchen remodel don’t have to be inoperative or left vacant. Now, there are many options available to increase both storage and efficiency. Whether you’re building a brand new kitchen or updating your current space, we’ll help design a layout with optimal organization that makes your life easier. Contact us today!Save