Eco-Friendly Products for Your Kitchen Remodel

Eco-Friendly Products for Your Kitchen Remodel

If you enjoy a lifestyle that celebrates the unique beauty and natural environment of Colorado, you’ll likely appreciate eco-friendly cabinets and other products when choosing the perfect Denver kitchen remodel design for your home.

If you like the ideas of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” sustainable products, and energy conservation, you can easily incorporate these concepts into your home without compromising on beauty or function.

In years past, achieving this may have been a challenge. However, today there is a tremendous variety of products and materials available for you to accomplish your green goals. And, you can do it with style, quality, and durability.

Re-purposed Countertops

No longer does designing a high-end kitchen mean you have to have granite or marble countertops. In fact, the trend towards re-purposing materials has lead to some fabulous new options that are not only functional and pleasing to the eye, but are created from amazing sources.

Photo | Richlite

Richlite is a composite material constructed with renewable and recycled paper products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. Baked into the desired countertop shape by way of an inert resin, it also meets the National Food Safety Standard 51. Fun fact: Richlite’s surface is so durable that it is now being formulated as “Skatelite” for skateboard parks!

Other eco-friendly options in alternative countertops include those composed of agricultural and industrial byproducts. These include plant fibers, seed hulls, recycled glass, stone remnants, as well as reclaimed wood, quick-growing bamboo, and low-carbon cement.

Recycling Facilitators

Some people don’t mind throwing their empty recyclable items into a crate in the garage. However, there are more upscale – and convenient – options to help manage your disposable items. Update your cabinets with hidden trash receptacles to seamlessly catch your landfill garbage and recyclable waste in separate bins. Choose from a variety of cabinet pull-out options that provide in-the-kitchen sorting. To reduce environmental impact even further, install a built-in compost station in your kitchen cabinet design.

Low-emitting Cabinets

If anyone tells you that environmentally-responsible cabinetry is restricted to an unattractive, boxy design, smile and reply: “NAUF.” Custom cabinets of NAUF construction (no added urea-formaldehyde) are available in every style from warm traditional to crisp contemporary. The low-emitting topcoat ensures a luxurious, durable, and earth-friendly finish that will please for years to come.

We’ve just scratched the surface of the wide world of earth-friendly options in modern kitchen remodeling. To learn more about eco-friendly cabinets, countertops, and other kitchen product options, contact us.