A Master Bath Oasis

A Master Bath Oasis

For today’s modern bathroom, design experts agree that comfort is king. A concept of well-being can appear in many forms, from the physical to the emotional to the sensory. Driven by the current trend of hectic lifestyles, homeowners tend to look for respite from everyday chaos with a master bath oasis that promotes calm and relaxation.

Colors That Soothe

A great way to help achieve comfort and wellness in the master bath is to introduce a palette of soothing colors. Greens, blues, browns, and lighter shades of red work well to lighten the mood. This might also be achieved through the use of colorful tiles and accessories.

In addition to soothing colors, an overall room design that is clean and uncluttered is an integral element in supporting a calming atmosphere. A sleek, simple design with custom cabinets is the key component to keeping the master bath streamlined and efficient.

master bath with soaking tub

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Energy-wise Components

Popular design trends include luxury items, such as therapy tubs and built-in coffee centers. The new digital shower systems, as well as some whirlpool tubs, have chromatherapy, lighting systems, and stereo systems incorporated into them.  However, consumers are also cognizant of the need to downsize equipment and use materials that address energy consumption and promote health. These attributes can be found in green-based products, such as cabinets made from formaldehyde-free plywood particle board and low VOC finishes Also, showerheads that meet WaterSense standards and provide low-flow capabilities.

Despite the concern that low-flow showerheads will be less effective and not provide the luxury that regular spray heads and body sprays offer, manufacturers are working to improve the showering experience in conjunction with water conservation. Another option is to introduce instant hot water thermostats that will decrease water consumption while waiting for the temperature to rise.

Additional Amenities

Other special amenities include heated floors, towel warmers, bidet seats that automatically heat the water before cleansing, inline-heated jet tubs, and ventilation fans designed to operate at almost  imperceptible sound levels.

Creating a master bath oasis has never been more accessible. Whether it’s utilizing a green design or indulging in some of the more luxurious amenities, the overall spa-like atmosphere will result in a soothing and peaceful personal wellness.

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