Vibrant Hues to Beat Recession Blues

Vibrant Hues to Beat Recession Blues

By: Holly MacGregor

Experts agree that bright, cheerful colors inspire a feeling of optimism. During these fluctuating economic times, why not add a colorful palette to your existing living space?

Accent walls are an easy, affordable way to add color to any room. Finding hues compatible with current décor will add new  dimensions of vibrancy to each room while also maintaining the resale value of the home.

Crystal Kitchen Cabinets

Beyond accent walls, bright hues are also showing up in the kitchen, with colorful appliances, cabinetry and countertops available from many manufacturers, including Cosentino’s Life! Series Silestone quartz surface.

Crystal Cabinets offers Acrilux, a bright, high-gloss finish that maintains its consistency of color and quality over time. The rich finish is available in many colors, including hues of red and blue, and offers a unique, mirror-like appearance that is resistant to ultraviolet rays, easy to clean and is also eco-friendly.

Current popular colors for the home include:

  • All shades of yellow
  • Saturated blues
  • Spicy, earthy oranges
  • Red-based purples
  • Neutral grays
  • Light mocha browns
  • Blue- and yellow-based greens

Ethnic accent colors have also gained momentum in popularity, influenced by such countries as Russia, Asia and Latin America.

During this time of economic shift, classic colors, bold hues and innovative designs are sure to offer enduring appeal and cheerful optimism to any home.