2017 Kitchen Design Trends

2017 Kitchen Design Trends

With every New Year comes the desire to be out with the old and in with the new.  As you begin making changes to certain aspects of your life, why not consider a refreshed kitchen?  Compile a list of what you would like to see in a renovation and incorporate some of the following kitchen design trends of 2017.

kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances

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White and Painted

The age-old and yet timeless kitchen trend continues to be white.  There are many reasons why white is the top choice of homeowners: it offers a clean slate to easily incorporate additional colors, style features and seasonal décor, and it offers the illusion of more space.  By keeping the cabinets white or another light painted color, you can easily create a personalized space by gently transitioning to a warmer or brighter palette through the use of accent pieces or with the addition of an island that has a contrasting color.

Natural Materials

Natural materials, such as reclaimed wood, natural stone or even copper, continue to be widely used in Denver kitchen remodels.  This combination of organic and inorganic elements brings a pleasing balance to the room.  Exposed brick may seem like a passé way to bring the outside in, so instead, consider a natural or mixed metal backsplash or a reclaimed wooden countertop for the island or bar area.  The possibilities of mixing and matching natural materials throughout your kitchen are virtually endless.

Illuminating Lighting

Typically, the kitchen uses generic canned lighting and one or two accent pendants over the island.  However, lighting options have come a long way; under-cabinet lighting, in-cabinet lighting, and other task lighting give homeowners more options in their kitchen renovations.  Task lighting will make meal preparation easier and safer by illuminating the counter for better visibility.  Under-cabinet lighting is a great feature for evening time and can add a nice atmosphere to a dinner party, cocktail hour or even family time.  In-cabinet lighting is the perfect option for highlighting special items you’ve chosen to showcase behind glass cabinet doors.

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