Kitchen Remodel Trends That Ease Life and Add Value

Kitchen Remodel Trends That Ease Life and Add Value

The most important aspect of your Denver kitchen remodel is deciding what will bring you and your family lasting happiness. After all, you’ll be living with the renovation for as long as you own your place. What aspects of a kitchen remodel would ease your life and also add value? If you think you might want to sell your home someday, consider incorporating one or more of these design trends into your project; each has the potential to make your house more appealing. Even if you don’t sell, you’ll be happy in the fresh space you’ve created.

Mix Up Appliance Positions

Are you or a family member a part of the baby boom generation? Bending or stretching to reach appliances tends to be more difficult with passing years. You can avoid unnecessary gymnastics with simple, integrated appliance storage solutions. For example, dishwashers can be built to sit higher off the floor, preventing the need to bend and stoop during loading. Standing mixers and other small appliances can be placed on pivoting shelves that easily lift to workspace level. Microwaves that typically sit above the stove can instead be positioned at chest level inside a wall cove or under the counter of an island. Avoid aches and pains in the kitchen and make your life a little easier by redesigning your appliance space.

Stainless Steel vs. Color

White stainless steel refrigerator

Photo | Whirlpool

There’s no question that stainless steel is still the most popular choice for kitchen appliances. However, Some homeowners are starting to move away from the hard look of commercial kitchens. Instead, they are choosing something less sterile and more residential. This means appliances with rounded edges and handles and a splash of color — bright or subdued. One color that is becoming increasingly popular for entire appliance suites is Ice White. This is similar to your mom’s appliance color in name only; the whiteness features soft tinges of metallic to give it a fresh and high-tech look. When considering new appliances, imagine the overall appearance of your kitchen. Then, decide whether color or stainless steel will complement the space best.

Warehouse Store Storage

Everyone agrees that a kitchen can never have too much storage. Nowadays, to accommodate warehouse shopping, we need even more storage. In an attempt to save money and minimize trips to the store, many families are purchasing a wide range of goods in bulk packages. Stand-alone freezers work well for freezing pounds of ground beef and steaks, but what about the non-perishable food? Cabinets that reach to the ceiling with cleverly-constructed shelves and roll-outs that offer space in and out of odd corners are great assets. Entire pantries are constructed with efficient use of space, offering special shelves for jumbo containers, fold-out racks for canned goods, and rotating racks for spices and cooking oils. Having a separate pantry or food storage room close to the garage eases the burden of unloading groceries from your car.

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