Fall in Love with Your New Kitchen

Fall in Love with Your New Kitchen

You’ve heard it said before that the kitchen is the central gathering spot in the home. It’s a place not only for meal planning and food preparation but also for spending meaningful moments with family and friends. With such significant time spent there, why not make it a space you love?

If you’ve found yourself browsing through kitchen portfolios and daydreaming about having a dazzling, functional space of your own, it may be time to consider a renovation. Whether you think you may sell your home in the near future or you desire an updated design for the long-term, renovating your kitchen can add significant value – both to your home and to your lifestyle.

Older couple enjoying wine in their new kitchenQuality is key

An important tip for any homeowner to remember when planning a kitchen renovation is: Don’t compromise on quality. Avoid purchasing material goods that are manufactured poorly or have little-to-no durability. Whether cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes or hardware, you should seek products that are rated for high quality and endurance. Consult a kitchen design professional who will offer insight into quality products to meet the needs of your remodel and stay within your budget. Rest assured, a smaller budget doesn’t mean you won’t have a kitchen that can stand the test of time.

Distinctive cabinetry

When it comes to cabinetry, there are great resources available to help you make decisions based on style, wood species and finish options. Keep in mind that cabinets are a major part of any kitchen remodel. Therefore, finding the material that will suit your needs is extremely important. In addition to the aesthetic characteristics of the various cabinet style and color options, the durability of the wood and the longevity of the finish are both major considerations. Don’t compromise on this important component of your new kitchen. Choose cabinetry that you will love for years to come.

Positive workflow

In contrast to enclosed kitchens of the past, homeowners now prefer a space that opens out to other living areas. Having a cramped or restricted kitchen layout may cause stress and deter you from using it. Therefore, if your kitchen is on the small side, consider altering the footprint of the space to make it more useful for you. Typically, the three major focus areas of a kitchen are the sink, stove and refrigerator. This configuration is known as “the kitchen work triangle.” Today, many people prefer to include a fourth area: the center island. No matter the size, an island is a great place for food preparation, family activities and informal dining. The island can also house a sink, cooktop or dishwasher, which further expands the possibilities for space reconfiguration.

Adequate counter space

Whatever the design of your new kitchen, it’s important to include sufficient counter space. Not having enough flat surface area will hinder your kitchen activities. Countertops serve multiple purposes outside of mere food preparation and small appliance storage. Having a place for spreading out meals, working on projects and entertaining with friends is beneficial. For added design interest, change-up the color and material of your countertops with differing products. One example is to place granite along the perimeter and stainless steel or butcher block on the island or peninsula.

Efficient organization

Almost all homeowners would agree that you can never have enough storage in the kitchen. To achieve the clutter-free space you’ve always dreamed of, items in your kitchen must be organized well. The cabinet design you choose will influence this. For instance, extending your cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling will substantially increase interior storage capacity. Deep drawers and rollouts will also provide additional storage opportunities. Make your life easier by incorporating custom accessories throughout your cabinetry with features like spice drawer inserts, baking sheet separators, integrated cutting boards and trash and recycle pullouts. If you’re looking to utilize every nook and cranny, you can even install kickboard that opens for additional storage.

Whatever your kitchen dreams are made of, a design professional can help pinpoint just the right balance of eye-catching design and everyday function to make your new kitchen a place you will love long into the future.

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