Kitchen Work Triangle vs. Work Zones

Kitchen Work Triangle vs. Work Zones

How to Replace the Work Triangle in Your Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to kitchen renovations in Denver, many designs adhere to the popular and efficient work-zone triangle. The refrigerator, cook range, and sink are placed as if they were points on an equilateral triangle, which creates an efficient kitchen space.

While many traditional kitchens will thrive under this layout, it can also pose some challenges when multiple cooks are added into the mix, different appliances are incorporated, or the size of the kitchen is expanded. So how can you change your layout while maintaining an efficient kitchen?

Think about your kitchen in work zones and create a more dynamic space — even if it means breaking the traditional triangle.

Routine Appliance Zone

Do you enjoy a morning coffee or tea routine? Keep small appliances, like your coffee maker or electric teapot, organized and stored in a custom cabinet dedicated to the task. Simplify it further by delegating drawer space below for specific tools like spoons, sugar packets, tea bags, and honey. Consider your daily routines and design your work zones according to those functions.

Appliance cabinet garage with coffee makerPhoto: Better Homes and Gardens

Food Prep Zone

The norm of one cook in the kitchen has changed over time. Designing your kitchen with multiple food prep zones will alter the original working triangle and make sufficient room for everyone to gather. Add landing areas between the refrigerator and the sink, or the sink and the range, to allow for separate food prep and cooking spaces and to help avoid a cramped kitchen.

BKC Kitchen and Bath traditional kitchen with center islandPhoto: BKC Kitchen and Bath

Entertaining Zone

The kitchen is considered the hub of the home, where people gather and food is shared. As such, a peninsula or island can be a great place for you to entertain guests and remain productive. This area is also great for a workspace or family activities. Game nights with snacks pair well together, as does prepping a meal while offering homework assistance. The entertaining zone is a great spot for multi-tasking between cooking and socializing.

BKC Kitchen and Bath contemporary walnut kitchen with elevated island bar. Photo: BKC Kitchen and Bath

Clean Up Zone

Placing related appliances near one another, like the dishwasher next to the sink, is a great way to create a dedicated clean-up zone that won’t interfere with other kitchen activities. Add a pull-out trash and recycling cabinet nearby to bring even more functionality to the zone. The clean-up process is typically the last step to undertake in the kitchen; this dedicated zone will enhance efficiency so that less time is spent doing work and more time is spent enjoying your time at home.

clean-up_pinterest_hgtvImage: HGTV

Whether you prefer the traditional kitchen triangle concept, or you like the idea of optimizing your kitchen with work zones, our skilled designers are here to help create a design that works best for you and your family. To get your kitchen ideas started, visit our showroom for a complementary consultation.