Too Much Traffic on the Countertop? Park Those Appliances in a Garage

Too Much Traffic on the Countertop? Park Those Appliances in a Garage

coffeeAre you the type of cook who likes to keep essential culinary tools at hand? The blender that mixes nutritious shakes, the free-standing mixer that blends delicious desserts, the double-wide toaster that perfectly browns homemade bread – all of these are important aspects of your cooking experience. But keeping these portable appliances close at hand can quickly become a frustration when your countertop begins to look like a freeway at rush hour. Storing your food processor and electric juicer in an upper cabinet helps keep them out of sight, but pulling them down and hoisting them back up again can become tiresome.

Luckily, there’s no need to compromise on what’s close at hand when small appliances can strategically be tucked away into integrated storage areas. Specifically designed to reduce countertop clutter, cabinet features such as appliance garages significantly contribute to kitchen efficiency – an aspect we could all do with a little more of.  

Appliance garages are typically built into upper cabinets that sit directly on your countertop. They match the depth of the cabinetry and usually have no shelves because their lowest surface is the countertop itself. Some appliance garages have regular doors that seamlessly match your cabinetry, while others feature roll-up tambour doors or pocket doors that virtually disappear when opened. One great feature is that they can also house electrical outlets so that your blender and toaster can remain plugged in even after use.

mixerWhen considering where and how to use an appliance garage or other integrated storage solution in your Denver kitchen remodel, think about your daily routine and what arrangement works best for you. By keeping small appliances close at hand, the tendency to actually use them becomes much more likely. And appliance garages aren’t just fancy components for high-end kitchens; they can be created as easily as choosing a space and creating the right enclosure. From a pull-out mixer stand to the perfect coffee spot, the high traffic clutter of small appliances can easily be turned into a quiet flow.

For more information on housing your small appliances or how best to make use of your kitchen space, contact us. We’re here to help!