Tips for Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

Tips for Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

The planning phase of your kitchen remodel was an exciting time to gather ideas, select products and create a design. Now, it’s time to put that plan into action. The transformation of your kitchen from its current state to the beautiful new space you dream of will be a challenging undertaking. Surviving a kitchen remodel and living through the construction phase of your project requires prep work and patience.

To help ease the stress of disruption, we offer these tips.

Temporary Headquarters

Designate a spot in your home for a makeshift kitchen. This could be in the garage, basement, laundry room or even an enclosed patio – wherever you can safely set up shop. Conduct food preparation with minimal fuss by using a rolling cart or table that can be pushed aside between meals. Store dishes and kitchen essentials on a bookshelf, which doubles as a pantry. If you don’t have a sink near your makeshift kitchen, don’t be afraid to wash dishes in the bathroom. You can also ask your contractor if setting up a temporary utility sink is an option. Of course, using disposable dishes and your outdoor grill during renovation is a definite plus.

A temporary cooking area will serve its purpose long enough for you to get through demolition, reconstruction and the final touches of your remodel. On a positive note, you can view this time as a chance to donate or get rid of unused kitchen items. Also, it may be prime time for you to try out those local restaurants you’ve been wanting to explore.

On the Move

Decide what needs to be removed from the kitchen. Before demolition is set to begin, consult with your contractor to better understand what the requirements and expectations are. Depending on the scope of your remodel, you will likely be removing small appliances, furnishings, décor and all items from within your cabinets. You can easily stow away nonessential items in stackable storage bins with identification labels.

If large appliances are being removed during construction, consider placing them in your temporary kitchen area. This is viable so long as ample space and electricity are available. To help control the onslaught of demolition dust, your contractor will cover any exposed appliances and furnishings in the construction zone and cordon off the area with plastic. Although this shield will not alleviate all the particulates in the air, it will help contain a good portion of them and ease your cleaning later.

Tracking Progress

Make yourself a checklist. Kitchen renovation can be a lengthy process, therefore it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with what to expect. Consult with your kitchen designer and contractor to create a checklist of steps involved and estimated time frames. Although schedules are rarely concrete, having this general guideline close at hand will be helpful.

In construction, delays inevitably occur due to unforeseen circumstances. You and your contractor may need to problem-solve issues and come up with solutions together. Keeping a checklist is a constructive way to be involved and track the progress of your project. Plus, it will shine a light on the end of the remodel tunnel.

Positive Energy

Remember that a positive attitude goes a long way. Remain level-headed and helpful when questions arise. Even with the most careful planning, your project is bound take some turns, so be flexible. In other words, don’t plan a dinner party for the night after the expected completion date, or your guests may be eating take-out. Maintain a friendly disposition with your contractors and installers, and you will be rewarded with quality results. After all, you probably won’t embark on a major kitchen remodel again for a long time, if ever, so treat this like an adventure.

The most important advice to remember is that the dusty mess and inconvenience of renovation will not last forever. When all is said and done, you will have your home back, your peace of mind returned and a new, beautiful kitchen welcoming you.

For more tips and helpful guidance on your kitchen remodel journey, contact us.