Sustainable Kitchen Design

Sustainable Kitchen Design

As we continue to learn and understand our impact on the Earth, eco-friendly, sustainable, and “green” practices continue to rise in popularity. Not just cost-efficient in the long run, sustainable practices also help protect our planet from further damage by lowering pollution levels and ensuring a healthier environment for ourselves and for future generations.

Although information about “going green” is readily available, some people have questions about how to implement sustainability in the renovation of their homes. Quick solutions include energy efficient lighting and appliances, but there are additional ways to include eco-friendly products in the kitchen and bath.

Mid Continent Cabinetry

Cabinets are arguably the largest footprint in any kitchen design, so it is important to choose cabinet material that is sustainably-sourced and crafted. When searching for Denver custom cabinetry, look for companies that manufacture products with low emissions, sustainable forestry, and recycled materials.

At BKC Kitchen and Bath, our cabinet manufacturers follow the strict guidelines of the Forestry Stewardship Council, whose purpose is to ensure that wood-sourcing is done in a way which avoids further depletion of the environment. In addition to having FSC certification, each of our cabinet companies is a member of the Environmental Stewardship Program, which monitors the following aspects of sustainability in the construction and manufacturing fields:

  • Air Quality – low emissions
  • Product Resource Management – recycled materials and sustainable forestry
  • Process Resource Management – energy conservation and waste management processes
  • Environmental Stewardship – firm commitment to environmental protection
  • Community Relations – community involvement

Mid Continent Cabinetry is an example of a cabinet manufacturer who goes the extra mile by making sustainability a priority with not only the products it crafts, but within its corporate office, too. The organization’s “Everyday Responsibility” philosophy includes recycling all applicable materials, using green-certified printers with corn-based ink, and recycled paper.

In addition to FSC-certified cabinetry, an opportunity to “go green” in the kitchen and bath is to incorporate solid surfaces developed with sustainable materials. Engineered products such as Silestone and Ceasarstone quartz countertops are not only durable and gorgeous, they emit low VOCs, do not need sealing, and are often made with recycled materials. Barn wood butcher blocks and recycled glass countertops, such as Vetrazzo, are also beautiful options for unique, eco-friendly surfaces.

If you would like to discuss options for your kitchen or bath with a design that utilizes sustainable products, contact us today.