A Standout Kitchen in an Open Floorplan

26 May A Standout Kitchen in an Open Floorplan

An open floorplan is great for allowing better traffic flow, increasing natural light and providing a sense of space. However, it’s important that the various areas ? While a cohesive look from one room to the next is important for the overall design, the kitchen is an area that can sometimes get lost in the flow.

Congruency over Consistency

Although an open concept home requires consistency in style, there are some ways you can add personalization.  In the kitchen, one of the most accessible means to achieve harmony without having to match the overall design is with Denver custom cabinetry.  By maintaining a similar door style throughout, you can accomplish variance by altering paint or stain colors that will draw attention to the different spaces.  For instance, the hutch or entertainment center may have a different color than the kitchen cabinets, yet still be complementary.  The consistency in interior trim and other smaller design details will help retain the flow of your space.

Separation and Integration

The appeal of an open floorplan is the idea that the main floor lends itself to more dynamic movement.  It can be difficult to define the different spaces within your home without losing a sense of integration.  Open shelves and hanging cabinets are options that can add distinction to your layout.  If the kitchen is going to be a space where your personal style is displayed, help transition into the remainder of the floorplan with unifying features.  A bar with hanging shelves or glass cabinets is a great option to make the shift from the kitchen to the living space.

When considering a Colorado kitchen remodel for your open concept home, determining how to create a harmonious design will be key.  Any additions that do not break up the flow of your concept but still add areas of interest and distinction can be achieved in a number of ways.  For help designing a unique kitchen in your open concept home, contact us.