Purple Rules the Roost in 2013

Purple Rules the Roost in 2013

Interior designer Lynn Myers reveals the hottest hues for your home in 2013

Home Design trends for 2013 offer the discerning homeowner many choices, from smart technology to raw finishes. Trends will signify an ode to vintage – including creative uses of recycling and transforming old into new – but still fit into the realm of modern convenience and technology. Handcrafted pieces will find a home among chunky textiles and brilliant colors. And when it comes to color for the home, the most-talked-about hue is purple, which will be complemented with yellow.

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Interior design by Harmony Interiors, LLC

In the company’s annual color forecast, Benjamin Moore has developed the theme “intersection,” which is influenced by the concepts of flow, cycle, animate and connect. “Flow” addresses color, texture and shapes that have been altered to reinvent the past; “cycle” refers to the concept of breathing new life into something that was once disposable; “animate” examines the intensity and purity of color with happiness in mind; and “connect” illuminates the familiar and material world, resulting in a matrix where technology evolves into an organic form.

“As we look to the future, we find that our ideas are rooted in the past,” Benjamin Moore’s Andrea Mango says. “What’s new is in the details.” According to the Benjamin Moore forecast, trends for fall 2012 and 2013 include:

  • Bright greens and grassy greens, each relfecting a bit of the 80’s
  • Red-orange and deep denim blues, supported by a cast of yellow-ochre shades
  • Purples and yellows in materials that are knitted, folded, crimped or otherwise textured
  • Purple as a neutral, ranging in shade from rich indigo or plum to grayed-down hues
  • Blues with a Carribean tone, like turquoise and Cerulean blue, that are influenced by purple
  • Wood tones as the inspiration for neutrals
  • Yellow and ochre variations that set the stage for bursts of cadmium orange and denim blues