Organize Your Home Office Space in Style

27 Feb Organize Your Home Office Space in Style

Working from home has become a more common practice now that people are freelancing for themselves or telecommuting with others for work.  Designating a specific room or corner in your home to be an office will provide efficiency and comfort during the workday.  And, since your home is also where you relax, having an office that is both stylish and multi-functional is a great way to approach an office makeover.  Think storage, think organization, but most importantly, think life-work balance.

Medallion Cabinetry

Medallion Cabinetry

Organization Out in the Open

As with other rooms in your home, cabinetry that includes open shelving is a great benefit.  Having reference materials, files, and other items needed for work at your fingertips will keep tasks moving along.  When adding custom shelves to your office space, make sure to include plenty of them so that you will have room to grow as your home office needs expand.  Additionally, leave room to display some decorative elements that will add style and a personal touch to your work area. Include special pieces that bring fun and warmth to the room and make you happy.

Storage-Loaded Cabinets

As opposed to displaying items in your office, there may be elements you wish to tuck away.  One of the main benefits of having closed cabinets is the plethora of storage solutions that accompany them.  From file inserts, to outlets inside a cabinet for your electronic devices, to an office-sized roll-out trashcan, an efficient office is one that has a proper place for every item.  Streamline your home office with cabinets that match how you intend to use the space during a typical workday.

Ergonomic Workspace

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A major perk of working from home is being able to conduct business in a space that is comfortable (especially while in your pajamas!)  Although standard desk height is 30 inches, you might consider designing something atypical for the space.  By adding Colorado custom cabinets to your office area, you can focus on making the arrangement ergonomic.  Two tiers of countertop heights can help you transition to different tasks, while cabinets with roll-out shelves can minimize strain on your back when you need to reach for something deep inside a cabinet.  Ask a qualified kitchen and bath designer for ideas on how to add comfort-inspired features that will assist you and create a work-life balance.

There are many theories about how to thrive in your work environment.  While you may not have a break room in your home, you do have a kitchen.  Take the time to breakaway from your computer screen or piles of files in order to give yourself  a moment of rejuvenation and refocus.  Part of the life-work balance in a home office environment is not having to sacrifice comfort for daily routine.  For more ideas on how to create a dynamic and productive home office for yourself, contact us.