Most Valuable Home Remodels

Most Valuable Home Remodels

There is no question that a home remodeling project that is done well can add significant value to your property.  Selecting which area to remodel, however, can be a tough decision.  Examining the many options, research has shown that two of the most valuable remodels for a home are the kitchen and the bathrooms.

As homeowners, we spend a considerable amount of time in each of these rooms.  From starting our day with a shower to hosting dinner with friends and family in the evening, kitchens and bathrooms receive significant use.  Remodeling Magazine offers an annual report which breaks down a home, room by room, to provide rough estimates as to what a homeowner can expect to see in return for a remodeling investment.  Kitchen and bathroom remodels often see over a 90 percent return down the road, compared to other rooms in the home that may only see 60 to 70 percent.

With home values up over 12 percent from 2012 to 2013 in most areas of Colorado, it is a great time to consider your next remodeling project.  See the growth in our area on Zillow’s chart below.


Denver, CO Median Home Value 2009-2013

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                     Data courtesy of Zillow

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