Luxurious Kitchen Additions To Fit Your Lifestyle

30 Aug Luxurious Kitchen Additions To Fit Your Lifestyle

With the amount of time that is typically spent in the kitchen, creating a luxurious space should be a top priority when considering a remodel or a new home build.  Indulging in some of the following features will add convenience and comfort to your home and make your kitchen a statement piece.  From haute hues to specialty additions, our Denver kitchen remodeling experts can help you transform your kitchen from commonplace to deluxe.

Wet Bar

If you have the space, a wet bar is a great addition.  Although it may not be necessary for all homeowners, a bar can be very practical for those who like to entertain.  If a wet bar is not your style, a custom coffee bar is another alternative.  By offsetting the color of the cabinetry from the rest of the kitchen, a bar feature will be more prominent in the room.  Add glass to the cabinet doors to showcase colorful and interesting glassware and other items displayed within.


Image  /  Medallion Cabinetry

Bold Paint

Although paint can present a simple change, it can also have a tremendous visual effect.  Bold hues of magenta, deep pigmented teals and regal plums exude sophisticated charm and elegance. If you aren’t quite ready to take the full plunge into a bold hue, experiment with an accent wall to add color without overwhelming your space.  Additionally, many cabinet companies offer color match programs. With this option, you can add a special feature or furniture-piece cabinet into the kitchen that will showcase a bold color without dominating the room.  Also, consider bringing in accessories of the same hue to add splashes of personality to the space and create a cohesive aesthetic.

Technological Additions

Some cabinet companies offer great technological additions, such as interior cabinet lighting and automatic-opening drawers and cabinets.  Under-cabinet task lighting is a great asset to any kitchen, but interior cabinet lighting takes luxury to the next level.  Custom cabinets, such as by Crystal Cabinets, offer built-in lighting technology that illuminates the cabinets the moment they’re opened.  Crystal also offers Servo-Drive technology by Blum to increase the utility of your cabinets with motion sensor automation.


Image  /  Medallion Cabinetry

Custom Over-the-Range Hood

If you are going to have an over-the-range hood to help with ventilation, this is a great opportunity to enhance your space.  The customization of this feature is virtually endless.  The hood can become a decorative element designed to break the line in your cabinetry, therefore becoming the centerpiece of the kitchen.  If you prefer a seamless look, your ventilation hood can also be customized to blend with your cabinets in both style and matching color.

By adding some specialty features, your kitchen can be transformed into a space that brings comfort and visual appeal.  Contact us to design a kitchen that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.