A Homework Station for Back-to-School

07 Sep A Homework Station for Back-to-School

Now that the new school year is underway, it’s important to stay organized with a stress-free study zone in your home. Children, especially younger ones, work best with structure and routine, so setting up a specific place for them to land after school to focus on homework will help them achieve success in the coming year. Dedicating a particular area for studying will not only improve your child’s focus, it will also serve as a drop-space for all things school-related and will help keep your student and your home organized.

Find your balance

Many families would agree that juggling afterschool activities, homework assignments, meal preparation, and regular nightly routines is a daily challenge during the school year. Integrating a homework station into your kitchen, family room, playroom, or even a hallway is a perfect way to handle daily tasks while keeping an eye on your student’s activity and homework progress. A well-designed study nook can even double as extra storage for other kid-related toys and activities.

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Keep it organized

While open shelving can be appealing, a desk area designed with custom cabinets and drawers will efficiently control clutter and give the space a more streamlined look. The key to functionality is organization; with organization comes better focus. Allocating drawers for supplies such as pencils, scissors, tape, markers, and paper will help your child get homework done without interruption. To give the desk sufficient illumination without taking up valuable space using a lamp, install recessed lighting beneath the upper cabinets. Additions and alterations can be made to the desk area down the road to accommodate the study needs of your child as he or she grows.

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Take advantage of unused space

A homework station can be integrated into almost any room or extra spot in the house. With a creative design utilizing custom cabinets such as Medallion Cabinetry, you can turn a kitchen nook, a basement corner, or even a hallway into the perfect study space. Custom cabinetry is a great way to blend this space into the rest of your home, making it not only functional but also visually appealing. Having the extra storage is always a plus.

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Make life easier and give your child tools for academic success with a dedicated study area that is useful, comfortable, and an integrated part of your home. Contact us for help designing a homework station that will best suit your family’s needs and reflect your home’s style.