Healthy Habits Begin in a New Kitchen

30 Jan Healthy Habits Begin in a New Kitchen

You’ve often heard it said: the kitchen is the main gathering spot in the home.  With such significant time spent there, isn’t it important that those moments be healthy and beneficial?  In the 2017 U.S. Houzz® Kitchen Trends Study, nearly one-third of participants stated that they are now leading healthier lifestyles post-kitchen remodel – not only in terms of dining, but also in terms of fostering relationships with those who spend time in the kitchen.

Opt for an Open Layout

An open layout in the kitchen is a great way to encourage people to gather.  Nearly 50% of participants in the Houzz® study responded that they spend more time with their families now that their kitchens have been renovated.  Additional space encourages people to cook with one another and participate in the dinner preparation process together.  Extra room in the kitchen not only inspires people to gather around, it also provides a better layout for more efficient cooking.

Preparation Made Easier

Either by utilizing the popular work-triangle design, or by incorporating workstations within the kitchen, efficient food preparation ultimately leads to more meals cooked at home.  It’s proven that homemade meals tend to be healthier, and a good dose of family time while prepping and cooking the food adds to the benefit.  If you are considering a remodel, make sure that the design you choose will make cooking (and cleaning!) easier.

Other Benefits

A kitchen island with barstool seating is the new family hangout.  In many cases, it is also the new home office space.  A multi-purpose, collaborative kitchen has many benefits, and space optimization is key to a successful kitchen renovation.  Incorporating a design that includes not only ease of cooking but also family time, work options and opportunities for entertaining will help promote a healthy life-work balance.

Although time itself cannot be gained, improving the way you spend it, especially within the kitchen, will help you make the most of those moments.  To discuss how to make your kitchen work best for you, contact us.