Go Contemporary, Go Rustic or Mix and Match Your Style!

Go Contemporary, Go Rustic or Mix and Match Your Style!

The dramatic backdrop of the Colorado foothills juxtaposed against the urban skyline of Denver inspires many themes and styles that can be brought right into your kitchen’s design. Here are a few styles to keep in mind when thinking about a Denver kitchen renovation project.


Outdoorsy, adventurous people might appreciate this style for their kitchen. Rustic design draws from natural colors of the environment, using copper tones, river rock and hand-carved wood designs. A cozy but natural feel to the kitchen can be achieved with earth tones and worn features on cabinetry, countertops and furniture. Choosing wood species such as cherry, knotty alder or hickory for your cabinets will further add to the mountain feel of your home. Consider adding wooden ceiling beams or a large hearth made from recycled barn wood to achieve the ultimate rustic kitchen experience. 


Denver’s growth as a city can inspire a modern approach to interior design. A contemporary kitchen focuses on straight lines, geometry and a stripped-down aesthetic for simplicity. Think about a sleek design and simple features that draw out the beauty of the kitchen’s function by choosing minimalist décor. Frameless cabinets, clear countertops, bold colors, open floor plans and items that mix metal and glass collectively convey a modern, fashion-forward kitchen.


Craftsman kitchens reflect an heirloom aesthetic, featuring rich woodwork and hefty, hand-hewn design. Developed in the early twentieth century as a spin-off from the English Arts and Craft movement, the Craftsman style offers a unique Americana feel, encouraging warmth and family togetherness. If you appreciate designs by Frank Lloyd Wright, you can recreate that architectural style with Craftsman motifs throughout your Denver kitchen remodel. By incorporating Shaker cabinets, iron or brass hardware, Tiffany-style light fixtures and beveled glass, your kitchen will harken back to the days of rich, solid design.


For a sunny, light-filled home, a cottage-style kitchen can provide the perfect ambience. The use of wicker and subdued colors is a
recurring motif in cottage design, adding charm and brightness to any kitchen space. Choose soft hues, such as yellow, pale blue, white, and light green to create a pleasant, airy atmosphere. Opt for open cabinetry with bead board paneling and shelving with grooves to feature colorful dishware. Add a few simple touches of seaside décor or collectibles that you treasure and accent the room with soft window coverings. Soon, your cottage kitchen will become the preferred room for family gatherings and relaxation.


Can’t decide on a specific style? Throwing together elements of multiple styles (with a general theme of colors or wood to tie it all in) can create a charming atmosphere for your kitchen that is specific to your own personal style. By mixing modern concepts with rustic elements, you can create a kitchen space that is uniquely Denver. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to achieve the kitchen of your dreams! 


With so many styles to choose from, how do you pinpoint the best plan for your kitchen design? Get a closer look at some examples and brainstorm ideas with the designers at BKC Kitchen and Bath. Visit our showroom or contact us for the perfect Denver kitchen renovation style for your home.