Finding Balance in an Eclectic-Inspired Kitchen

Finding Balance in an Eclectic-Inspired Kitchen

Eclectic style is all about mixing elements. Blending design pieces from opposite ends of history and from around the globe will form the perfect balance of features to boldly fit your individual taste.  In your Denver kitchen, eclectic style can be showcased within colors, room scale and focal points.

Scale and Proportion

Nothing is more important in kitchen design than scale and proportion.  With eclectic style, these guidelines take priority.  The prominence of cabinets and the size of your kitchen are a gauge for determining the proportion of other elements you wish to incorporate.  Choosing select design aspects to scale-up proportionally with your Denver cabinets, such as prominent art pieces, tall vases, or a display hutch will help bring the theme of your eclectic design to life.

medallion cabinetryPhoto credit   I    Medallion Cabinetry

Have a Focal Point

To make it apparent that you implemented eclecticism into your design on purpose and not by accident, incorporate one or two elements that specifically bring the diversity of different styles together.  In the kitchen, a focal point can be a colorful appliance, a decorative range hood, an accent wall saturated with catchy wallpaper or a grandiose lighting fixture.  Whatever focal point you choose, it should be bold enough to stand alone in the spotlight but versatile enough that it will bring harmony to the rest of the design.

Crystal Cabinetry

Photo credit   I    Crystal Cabinet Works

Neutral Undertones

When imagining eclectic design, you might envision bold hues.  However, to help more daring colors shine, a lighter background is necessary.   In an eclectic kitchen, keep the perimeter cabinets neutral and consider an unconventional backsplash, eccentric cabinetry for the island or dining chairs that bring a colorful canvas to the room.  As with much of eclectic design, it’s encouraged to experiment with color; a well-planned palette will ensure that the overall aesthetic is cohesive and engaging.

Eclectic design aims to create something that is out of the ordinary.  Display your personal taste with a kitchen design that is as diverse as the items in your spice rack.  For more information