Creative Ideas Underneath Your Cabinets

Creative Ideas Underneath Your Cabinets

[Revised March 2020]

If there’s one room that seems to never have enough space, it’s the kitchen. Therefore, you have find creative ways to optimize your available space. One overlooked opportunity for this is right under your nose – or rather, right under your kitchen cabinets.

Most kitchen layouts incorporate upper cabinets with a sizeable space between the countertop, cooktop or sink below. By adding some of these accessories to your Denver custom cabinets, you will be rewarded with a much more user-friendly kitchen.

lighting_systemLED Lighting

Illuminate your counter workspace with LED lights, an alternative to florescent that’s both functional and beautiful. Placed in the right area, such as underneath upper cabinets, LED lighting makes food preparation and cooking a brighter experience. Add matching light rail to the bottom of your custom and semi-custom cabinets to hide wires.

Power Outlets

In addition to LED lighting, power strips can be added beneath your cabinets. These power strips can be used for general electrical outlets, portable device docks, speakers or USB chargers. To access and show recipes with ease, add a mount that holds your tablet up and out of the way.

Jar Opener

At times it can be difficult to pry open a factory-sealed jar using only your hands. Mounting a jar opener beneath an upper cabinet will keep the device hidden from view and allow easy-access for quick opening of the toughest jars.

knife_blockKnife Block

If you have a bulky wooden knife block sitting on your counter, chances are its taking up precious counter space that could be better utilized for something else. Consider moving your sharp cutlery up and away by mounting a knife block to the underside of a cabinet. This will not only free up space but will help you avoid unnecessary injury when trying to find a knife in a drawer.

Stemware Rack

Having a nice set of wine glasses in the kitchen is a welcome addition for any wine connoisseur, especially when having guests over. Dealing with finding proper storage, however, and the occasional chips and breaks that may occur from being stored in too-cramped quarters, can be frustrating. A stemware rack mounted to the underside of an upper cabinet will give the glasses proper space. And, because the glasses hang upside down, air drying after a wash is a cinch.

spiceSpice Rack

Are you a cook who likes having your spice collection right at your fingertips? Adding an under cabinet spice rack will enable you to easily pick and choose exactly what you need, right at eye level. You can opt for an integrated drawer that will glide in and out or a strip of metal that can be used with magnetized spice containers.

Cookbook Stand

Attempting to prepare a meal while simultaneously reading instructions in a cookbook can be a tough juggle. To avoid losing your spot, or worse, getting messy ingredients on the pages, add a cookbook stand underneath your cabinets.

Appliance Garage

A small cabinet added to the space between your upper cabinets and your countertop is a great resource for tucking away those small appliances, such as your toaster, blender, food processor, coffee maker or free-standing mixer. Equipped with a tambour door, a hinged door or a pull-down door that completely closes off the compartment, appliance garages help alleviate overly-cluttered countertops.


You can never go wrong with adding more shelving. Whether free-standing against a wall or attached beneath your cabinetry, shelves offer additional storage and display opportunities. Include wicker baskets, pull-out cubbies, wire racks or other space-saving containers to provide storage for whatever you need.

Contact us for more information on how best to add optimal functionality under your cabinets while maintaining an organized and streamlined kitchen.