Choosing a Kitchen To Fit Your Style

Choosing a Kitchen To Fit Your Style

You’ve heard the terms before – Traditional, Contemporary, Victorian, Mission – but what do these design styles really look like, and how do you choose which one is right for your kitchen?

“Like clothing or furniture, kitchens come in many styles. Since a new kitchen costs the most and last the longest, choosing a kitchen style requires serious thought.

Speaking broadly, it helps to know if you prefer a more classic or more modern look. Making that decision will help you start to narrow down choices on everything from wall color to cabinet doors. Picking a very specific design theme, such as French Colonial or Art Deco, gives you even more of a design road map.

Mixing and matching styles typically is called eclectic, while a look that blends traditional and contemporary elements is considered transitional.”  – Kitchens.com

To help demystify some of the style terminology, Kitchens.com has compiled a comprehensive gallery of photographs. Here are a few examples to consider:

American Colonial

selected Color theme example

Art Deco

selected Color theme example


selected Color theme example

French Country

selected Color theme example




Glossy Black Cabinets

Old World




selected Color theme example


selected Color theme example

For additional photographs, as well as helpful hints on choosing the best colors for your kitchen, visit the Kitchens.com webpage: Kitchens .com – Kitchen Design Styles.

If you are still uncertain which look is right for you, consider allowing the award-winning design team at BKC Kitchen and Bath to assist you with design consultation and idea sharing. We are experts at making your dream kitchen a reality!