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18 May Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

Colorado Coastal BY REBECCA GART PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID PATTERSON STYLING BY RUTH SONNENSHEIN   Acres of land and a contemporary farmhouse provide an expansive living space for a family of five, two dogs, and a fabulous art collection. We wanted an interesting house - not everything there at once to see...

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12 May Style + Function in a Kitchen Island

It’s no secret that the kitchen has become the social center of the home. If you don’t have a kitchen island, incorporating one into this gathering area can improve food preparation and make guests more comfortable. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating the...

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25 Apr Is Your Kitchen Ready for a Makeover?

As you browse through home catalogs and magazines, or peruse image boards and Ideabooks on Pinterest and Houzz, you might see photos of beautiful kitchens that look like perfect cooking and gathering spaces. You may find yourself daydreaming about what it would be like if...

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08 Mar Tackling the Mudroom with Custom Cabinetry

The mudroom is commonly overlooked when it comes to home renovation, especially because it's an area that tends to be transitional. For most families, the mudroom is the place where shoes slip on and off, where backpacks are dropped, and where coats, scarves, and snow...

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22 Feb Defining Studio Space with Cabinetry

The layout of a residential studio or loft is typically designed with flexibility in mind. The ability, however, for the same limited dimensions to serve multiple purposes while maintaining a sense of space can be a challenge. With the use of strategically-placed cabinetry and helpful...

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