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Bath Renovation With Modern Appeal

For most homeowners, remodeling a kitchen often takes precedence over a bathroom renovation, but design experts say that adding a spa-like bathroom will take center stage in 2015 for home remodeling projects. According to an article by Huffington Post Home, bathroom trends can be just as fresh and innovative as kitchen trends. Before deciding on your favorite Denver bath cabinets, consider some of the design options now flourishing in the one room in the home that’s often private, peaceful and quiet. Referring to a 2014 survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association concerning upcoming trends, the Huffington Post article cites that bathroom design styles have turned from rustic and traditional to clean and contemporary.

  • Cabinets with modern appeal

Whether you opt for custom cabinetry or semi-custom cabinetry, look for door styles and colors that have a modern appeal. Rather than going with hickory or knotty alder that have distinct wood grain patterns or knots, choose wood that has smoother texture, such as maple or cherry. You can also opt for thermofoils or acrylics that offer bold colors and glossy sheens. Minimalist cabinetry without ornate or busy patterns is best. A flat or slab-style door front will gave your cabinetry clean lines and a contemporary feel. If you prefer a bit of depth to your cabinet doors, shaker-style can still give your bathroom a modern look – just be sure to avoid adding glazes or highlights that can build up along the inside edges.


  • Soaking tubs and eco-friendly countertops

Continuing with the emphasis on cleanliness, many designers suggest opting for a free-standing or soaking tub instead of a shower and tub-surround with grout lines that can be unsightly and difficult to clean. Remember, the simpler the design of your bathroom, the better and more calming the overall effect will be. When choosing countertop material for your vanity (or vanities), be aware that granite has lost some of its appeal in the bath. Popular countertop materials now are engineered quartz and recycled glass products, such as Cambria and Ice Stone. Both options are durable, environmentally-friendly and have a wide palette of colors.

  • Bolder accents and accessories

Chrome faucets, towel racks and cabinet hardware with simple, clean lines are considered the most desirable in current bathroom design. In lieu of installing ordinary white subway tiles, choose bolder backsplashes and wall tiles with an edgier look. Stainless steel, glass and ceramic tiles in an array of patterns and colors can offer a more daring statement. Most kitchen and bath designers will tell you that it’s okay to take chances with bath décor that you might not undertake in other rooms in your home.


At BKC Kitchen & Bath, our design experts are here to help you create a distinctive, modern bathroom design that will bring you both visual satisfaction and the perfect place for relaxation. For more ideas on renovating your bathroom and to see a selection of the best cabinets in Denver, please contact us.


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Breathe New Life Into Your Laundry Room

Doing laundry is a chore not often relished. Having a specific room dedicated to doing it in, though, can relieve some of the stress and might even make doing housework a little more enjoyable.

According to an article by, many homeowners are looking for an elevated laundry experience that goes beyond a dark, cluttered corner in a garage or basement. Experts advise that when upgrading your laundry room, it’s wise to consider both functionality and aesthetics.

Cabinets and Storage

In addition to having a washer and dryer, adding Denver custom cabinetry to your design layout will give you extra features such as storage for cleaning supplies, bins for clothes sorting, pull-outs for ironing and other helpful amenities. Depending on the location of your laundry room, you can select cabinets that match your kitchen or bath, or you can select a style that will stand out on its own. 


Proper lighting

As part of a laundry room renovation or addition, having adequate lighting is important to properly illuminate the tasks you are doing. Depending on your space, recessed or pendant light fixtures are great choices for ambient lighting. For more specific task lighting, you can incorporate under-cabinet lighting just as you would in your kitchen.


Counter space

By installing a front-loading washer and dryer, you can place a countertop directly above, extending your storage space while offering a convenient spot for sorting and folding laundry. Rather than resting the countertop directly on the washer and dryer, support the material with sturdy wall braces to keep it elevated, thereby keeping direct pressure off of the appliances. Or, you can opt to secure the countertop by extending it to cover cabinets on either side of the washer and dryer. Avoid using a countertop material that is too heavy or too cost-prohibitive, such as granite. Laminate, melamine or other lightweight materials are optimal.


Ironing and sorting

Another important aspect of your laundry room is having proper space and tools for ironing, folding and sorting. As part of your Denver custom cabinetry consultation, inquire with your designer about fold-out/pull-out ironing board choices. You can customize your laundry room with other accessories and storage options, including specialized hampers and baskets and custom hanging rack systems for your clothing.


When planning a remodel of your laundry room, be sure to consider safety precautions and sound issues. Installing  non-slip floors will help keep you safe from falls. Choose flooring material that won’t warp or damage if there is a water leak, and install a floor drain to keep unexpected flooding under control. Add cushioned mats in front of your standing areas to help ease the strain of being on your feet. Depending on how far away your laundry room is from the main living areas of your home, add an extra layer of insulation in the walls to help reduce excess noise. For laundry rooms located on the second floor, it is recommended that floor joists be reinforced.

At BKC Kitchen & Bath, we can help you design your Denver laundry room, kitchen and bathrooms. We are proud to have a solid reputation helping Colorado residents since 1978. For more information on cabinetry for any room, please contact us.


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Kitchen and Bath Remodel Advice for Home Sellers

If you are planning to sell your home, it’s important to look beyond staging rooms with fancy furnishings or décor in order to catch potential buyers’ eyes. Homebuyers today are looking for specific features in their kitchens, baths and other key areas of the home. While you may not be able to change the structural design of your house in order to appeal to more buyers, you do have control over your kitchen and bath design and choice of Denver cabinets, countertops and accessories.

By relying on the expertise of kitchen and bath design professionals to guide you along the way, you are more likely to receive the kind of competitive offers from homebuyers you’re hoping for. According to a report by the National Association of Home Builders that examined what homebuyers really want, 45 percent of those surveyed hoped to buy an existing home. Living space is extremely important to homebuyers today, which is why it’s smart to stick with an open kitchen design.

Balance quality and appearance

When budgeting for your home remodeling project, consider spending a good portion on select kitchen cabinets and countertops. According to the report, homebuyers care about quality and appearance with kitchen countertops and cabinets. Additionally, of those surveyed, over eighty percent stated that having a full-size bathroom, as opposed to a half-bath, on the main level of the home is preferred.


Photo: KitchenCraft Cabinetry

Include the must-have features

Although custom cabinets and other popular trends in kitchen and bath design may not be appealing to you personally, it’s important to think about your potential buyers. The NAHB report reveals there are certain features the majority of those surveyed want to see in a home that they buy:

  • Energy-efficient appliances 
  • Walk-in kitchen pantry
  • Bathroom linen closet
  • Both a shower stall and a tub in the master bath
  • Separate laundry room
  • Double sink in the kitchen
  • Table space for eating in the kitchen

Photo: BKC Kitchen and Bath

Avoid unpopular trends

If you are going to invest in a kitchen or bathroom renovation, don’t waste your money and resources on materials and amenities that are deemed unpopular. According to the NAHB survey, a majority of homebuyers don’t care for ceramic tile countertops, glass-front cabinets or his and hers bathrooms. Wine coolers and wet bars also made the unwanted list.

Choosing aging-in-place amenities

Another consideration when trying to sell your home is to choose materials that are “aging-in-place” friendly, such as non-slip floors, well-located storage and motion-sensor lights. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed said lower kitchen cabinets were either essential or desirable, while in the bathroom, grab bars, levers instead of knobs as handles and seating in the shower are must-haves.

At BKC Kitchen & Bath, we have served Colorado residents since 1978. Our design team takes great pride in helping clients with all levels of kitchen and bathroom design projects. For more information on the services we provide, including kitchen and bath cabinets, countertops and accessories, please contact us.


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BKC Kitchen and Bath Featured in Denver’s 5280 Magazine

Excerpt from the December issue of Denver’s 5280 Magazine

Merry & Bright

Empty nesters ready their cooking space for the future by fusing old and new. 

December 2014
Denver Kitchen 
— Photography by Emily Minton Redfield


After 44 years together, Anne and Bob Fries have found one more secret to a happy marriage: a kitchen that accommodates at least two cooks. 

The pair, who began dating in high school, discovered this bliss after recently renovating their 1928 Tudor in Congress Park. The makeover was inspired by their desire to host their children and two grandchildren, who also live in Denver, for casual meals in a pretty space they could all enjoy. “We needed better function and flow in our kitchen,” says Anne, who spent years bumping elbows with her husband as they prepared meals in the formerly tight space. “We got that—plus a truly beautiful room.”

custom cabinets Denver

The couple hired architect Dean Lindsey (then of Nest Architectural Design and now with Shelter Lab Architecture) and kitchen designer Caitrin McIlvain of BKC Kitchen & Bath to design the layout, which included a small addition to increase square footage. Then the Fries looked to interior designers Kristi Dinner and Susan Schwab, principals at Company KD, to bring the details up to date. The pair fused the home’s traditional roots with modern style: simple lines, appealing patterns, fine details, and pops of color. “Their style is traditional; their furniture is traditional,” says Dinner. “The goal was not to change their style, but to freshen it up and put a modern twist on the traditional.”

The Fries’ love of color drove the palette, so the designers created a custom breakfast table with a red-orange lacquer finish for a vivid pop. The hue also carries through in the Loro Piana fabric on the chairs and the banquette’s upholstery by Brentano. For a bold complement to all that red, the designers used green—from the opposite end of the color wheel—for the island cabinetry and a standalone hutch.

The design marries new and old in a way that honors both the contemporary elements and the home’s history. The backsplash tile features two styles: a small-scale, pearlized mini-brick tile—a modern tip of the hat to the home’s early-20th-century roots—and a bold, shimmery Chiclet mosaic behind the range. Both rise to the ceiling to play up the room’s height and add depth and texture. 

The light fixtures, too, reflect a mix of styles: Sleek iron-and-glass pendants glow above the island, while a more traditional Murray Feiss chandelier crowns the breakfast nook. (The combination works, in part, because the fixtures have similar finishes.) 

Chicken wire in a couple of cabinets and open shelves in the hutch allow the Fries to showcase personal objects. And in the adjoining sunroom, a custom top-down window shade shields street-level views for privacy and lets in light at the top. The topiary design on the fabric repeats on the wallpaper. “It’s got a sense of bringing the outside in,” Schwab says. “It’s a traditional design element, but done in a modern way.”   


Architect: Dean Lindsey, Nest Architectural Design, nestarch.comDenver Kitchen Designer: Caitrin McIlvain, BKC Kitchen & Bath, bkckitchenandbath.comInterior Designers: Kristi Dinner and Susan Schwab, Company KD, 


Crystal Cabinetry


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Creative Ideas Underneath Your Cabinets

If there is one room in the home where it seems there is never enough space, it’s the kitchen. As homeowners, it’s important to be creative in finding ways to utilize space in the most optimal way. One overlooked opportunity for this is right under your nose – or rather, right under your kitchen cabinets. 

Most kitchen layouts incorporate upper cabinets with a sizeable space between the countertop, cooktop or sink below. By adding some of these accessories to your Denver custom cabinets, you will be rewarded with a much more user-friendly kitchen.

lighting_systemLED Lighting

Illuminate your counter workspace with LED lights, an alternative to florescent that’s both functional and beautiful. Placed in the right area, such as underneath upper cabinets, LED lighting makes food preparation and cooking a brighter experience. Add matching light rail to the bottom of your custom and semi-custom cabinets to hide wires.

Power Outlets

In addition to LED lighting, power strips can be added beneath your cabinets to include electrical outlets, portable device docks, speakers and USB chargers. Add a mount to hold your iPad or other tablet and access your favorite cooking shows and recipes with ease.

Jar Opener

At times it can be difficult to pry open a factory-sealed jar using only your hands. Mounting a jar opener beneath an upper cabinet will keep the device hidden from view and allow easy-access for quick opening of the toughest jars.

knife_blockKnife Block

If you have a bulky wooden knife block sitting on your counter, chances are its taking up precious counter space that could be better utilized for something else. Consider moving your sharp cutlery up and away by mounting a knife block to the underside of a cabinet. This will not only free up space but will help you avoid unnecessary injury when trying to find a knife in a drawer.

Stemware Rack

Having a nice set of wine glasses in the kitchen is a welcome addition for any wine connoisseur, especially when having guests over. Dealing with finding proper storage, however, and the occasional chips and breaks that may occur from being stored in too-cramped quarters, can be frustrating. A stemware rack mounted to the underside of an upper cabinet will give the glasses proper space. And, because the glasses hang upside down, air drying after a wash is a cinch. 

spiceSpice Rack

Are you a cook who likes having your spice collection right at your fingertips? Adding an under cabinet spice rack will enable you to easily pick and choose exactly what you need, right at eye level. You can opt for an integrated drawer that will glide in and out or a strip of metal that can be used with magnetized spice containers.

Cookbook Stand

Attempting to prepare a meal while simultaneously reading instructions in a cookbook can be a tough juggle. To avoid losing your spot, or worse, getting messy ingredients on the pages, add a cookbook stand underneath your cabinets. 

Appliance Garage

A small cabinet added to the space between your upper cabinets and your countertop is a great resource for tucking away those small appliances, such as your toaster, blender, food processor, coffee maker or free-standing mixer. Equipped with a tambour door, a hinged door or a pull-down door that completely closes off the compartment, appliance garages help alleviate overly-cluttered countertops.


You can never go wrong with adding more shelving. Whether free-standing against a wall or attached beneath your cabinetry, shelves offer additional storage and display opportunities. Include wicker baskets, pull-out cubbies, wire racks or other space-saving containers to provide storage for whatever you need.

Contact us for more information on how best to add optimal functionality under your cabinets while maintaining an organized and streamlined kitchen. 

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Going Urban: Achieving an Industrial Chic Kitchen Design


Whether you live in Lower Downtown Denver in a converted loft or you simply appreciate the urban industrial look, there are many kitchen and bath design ideas that can help you achieve that aesthetic. According to an article by Forbes, the contemporary industrial look, including exposed brick walls, ceiling beams and metal air ducts, evolved from abandoned 19th and early 20th century factories being converted into creative living spaces.

When it comes to selecting kitchen cabinetry, countertops and décor, you can incorporate industrial design elements into your own kitchen remodel by following some of these suggestions. Clean lines, angular shapes and a touch of metal are must-haves when it comes to creating a space inspired by the urban, industrial vibes of a metropolis.

Streamlined cabinets

The more minimal your kitchen cabinets are, the better. Design with open space in mind and choose a slab, or flat front, door style that will keep a clean line. Go with a glossy acrylic, metal or an exotic wood, such as wenge or bamboo veneer. Custom cabinets with bright colors can add a striking contrast against the cold look of metal or concrete. Black, white, silver and gray with pops of red, orange and bright chartreuse are colors more often used in urban lofts than browns, muted greens, yellows and earth tones. Avoid the unnecessary decoration of cabinet knobs and handles by choosing a design that incorporates integrated pulls or magnetic touch options.        

Sleek countertops

Many industrial-style living spaces have concrete already integrated into the architecture, so choosing a concrete slab for your kitchen perimeter or island countertop would be a great match. Other good options are recycled glass with specks of color, engineered quartz and butcher block or repurposed lumber. Metal countertops, such as stainless steel, zinc, copper, pewter or bronze cast a definite urban glow and complement any industrial space. 

Denver Kitchen

Original floors

In turn-of-the-century factories, concrete floors were an integral part of the building design. In keeping with that industrial look, utilize the existing concrete for your flooring but polish or stain the material to give it a crisp, clean appearance. Use carefully-chosen throw rugs to soften the look and feel of the concrete in key places, such as the living room, bedroom and other areas of relaxation. Should you decide to install porcelain floors that resemble hardwood, make sure that the color complements your cabinetry choice.

Find a focal point

Creating a focal point will draw the eye in a particular direction of the room, offering both visual interest and cohesiveness. Finding the perfect light fixtures for your kitchen is one way to add that focal point element. From mesh-covered pendant lights to iron wall sconces, industrial-style lighting is fairly easy to obtain due to its current popularity. A section of exposed brick on one wall can also become a striking focal point in the kitchen, so don’t be quick to drywall over it. Keeping elements of the harsh materials used to construct an old building can add vintage personality and charm to an updated space.

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, the style you choose should complement the overall look you want to achieve throughout your home. At BKC Kitchen & Bath, our kitchen experts can help design your kitchen for industrial chic, vintage, eclectic or any other style. For more kitchen and bath ideas, please contact us.


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Shades of Gray and Other Bathroom Design Trends

When planning a bathroom remodel, wouldn’t it be great if you had a crystal ball through which to see upcoming design trends? According to a recent article by The Huffington Post that cited the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s style report, the bathroom is expected to receive a major overhaul next year. It’s anticipated that homeowners will direct much of their remodeling budgets into their bathrooms, which have become spa-like retreats for people seeking a relaxing oasis in the home. 

Clean and contemporary

When choosing Denver bath cabinets for your Colorado home, it’s best to go for a clean and contemporary style, experts suggest. The coastal cottage look is out. For homeowners who like rustic charm, this look continues to be on-trend, so long as it leans more towards simplicity and cleaner lines with a contemporary bend.

Soaking tubs

One bathroom trend that is on its way out of fashion is the rain showerhead. Although many homeowners continue to love the look and feel of rain showers, kitchen and bath designers say that next year’s trend will highlight soaking tubs. Free-standing tubs, as opposed to those with shower surrounds, will be the preferred choice.


Shades of gray

White, blue and beige continue to be popular color choices for bathroom remodels. However, the new year will bring with it varying shades of gray. Gray cabinets can give your bathroom a sophisticated and modern feel, while gray paint on your walls can make white cabinets pop. Add a splash of color with your bath accessories: towels, soap trays, toiletry containers.   

Quartz countertops

Although quartz has been one of the fastest-growing countertop materials in recent years, experts say it’s not yet become a huge player in the bathroom. With a wide range of colors to choose from, great durability and resistance to moisture, scratches and stains, quartz is well on its way to replacing granite as the favorite countertop choice for vanities.    


Other trends that may change the way you think about your bathroom include sleek, black tiles or bold options instead of white subway tiles. In general, bathrooms are expected to be “moodier” as opposed to glamorous. When it comes to your own bathroom remodel, it’s all about your personal preference. Choose cabinetry, tile, paint colors, tubs, showers and countertops that not only make you feel good but also meet your practical needs for storage and daily rituals.

At BKC Kitchen & Bath, our design experts can help you fashion a bathroom that is on-trend and perfect for your individual style. For more information on our wide selection of cabinetry, countertops and accessories, please contact us.


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Here to Help: Kitchen and Bath Design Professionals

You may suspect it’s time for a remodel of your kitchen or bath when you recognize similar styles while watching a movie from the 80s, or when you realize there are so many chips in your countertops that you can no longer strategically hide them with dishes or towels.

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bath, many questions will arise on how best to go about the process. Kitchen and bath design professionals can help answer some of those questions, as well as guide you through the selection process.

Coming up with a budget

The first step to putting a kitchen or bath remodel plan together is to calculate what your budget will be. Kitchen and bath design professionals can help provide you with a general idea of the price ranges for custom and semi-custom cabinetry, countertop materials, cabinet hardware and installation costs. For structural or plumbing enhancements or changes, you may need to consult with a general contractor as well. In your budget planning, also consider costs for flooring, lighting, appliances and kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, sinks, toilets and tubs, if needed. Once you have a budget in place, you can better zero-in on which products, materials, designs, colors and accessories appeal to you the most.


Thinking of your overall style

Most people choose cabinetry that fits into the overall style of their home. If you own a midcentury-modern Denver home, you may want sleek, modern-looking cabinets, or, if you own an older Victorian home, you may prefer decorative, traditional cabinets. People who live in a rustic ranch often opt for walnut, cherry or knotty alder cabinets with a natural finish. A design professional can help you evaluate various door styles, finishes, hinge types, drawer glides, knobs and pulls. Consider whether or not you want traditional framed cabinets or the smooth look of contemporary frameless cabinets. Let your designer draw up computer-generated renderings that will help you envision what the final results will look like.  


Balancing function with beauty

Although the look of your cabinetry is important, function is also important. A design expert can help you select complementary countertops and backsplashes, as well as discuss with you how best to utilize your space. Pull-out drawers for pots and pans, designated compartments for recycling, special built-ins and spice racks, oversized drawers with organizers are just a few of the options that can help your kitchen function better.

Renovating your kitchen is a major investment in your home that can pay off in terms of personal enjoyment and potential resale value. At BKC Kitchen and Bath, we have a professional design staff ready to meet with you and provide a preliminary plan, design and cost estimate. We will assist you with as much of your new construction or remodel project as you desire and guarantee the best experience in the market. For more information, visit our Denver cabinet showroom or contact us.   

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Update Your Kitchen With Style

Cabinetry, countertops and accessories can give your Denver kitchen the rejuvenation it needs as well as a bit of character. According to an article by, stark and sterile all-white kitchens as well as the sleek but cold stainless steel look are yesterday’s news. For a stunning Denver kitchen remodel design, consider natural materials, black hardware and contemporary lighting. A kitchen should be clean and tidy as it’s the place where people prepare food, but it also needs to feel warm and cozy as it’s often the hub of the home where people gather and socialize.

Choosing Cabinetry

Incorporate open shelving in place of a solid wall of upper cabinets and choose base cabinets that have a bank of deep drawers instead of traditional shelves or open cupboard space. Don’t be afraid to choose cabinetry that contrasts in terms of style and color, mixing and matching lights and darks or adding a bright splash of color.  

Lighting up the space

Interior design experts suggest using sconce lighting in your kitchen. With fewer upper cabinets, there’s more space for decorative lighting, which can be in many different styles, depending on the look you’re going for. Some of the on-trend finishes include brass, iron and black.


Making a splash

By choosing to add a solid slab of natural stone as backsplash instead of glass or porcelain tiles, you will make a noticeable design statement in your kitchen. Slabs of limestone or marble against open wall space will give the room an artistic, upscale look.

Martin Moore & Company - kitchens - cream cabinets, cream kitchen cabinets, marble slab, marble backsplash, marble slab backsplash, instant hot water faucet, white countertops, two tone kitchen, stained kitchen island, piston stools, white piston stools, glass front cabinets,

Striking Gold

Aged gold and warm metals are becoming more popular as some homeowners desire something other than stainless steel. Brass, black or gold hardware such as pulls on cabinetry can look spectacular in a warm and earthy kitchen. Consider faucets in shades of iron, graphite or gold, as well.

Going Raw and Natural

Natural raw material such as exposed beams, tongue and groove ceilings and walls of brick veneer can bring a rustic look to your Denver kitchen. Natural elements such as wood floors and reclaimed wood for shelving or doors add to the warmth of a kitchen.

When taking on a total kitchen remodel, consult with design experts at BKC Kitchen & Bath. We have a wide selection of countertops, cabinetry and accessories for your Denver kitchen. For more Denver kitchen design tips, please contact us.

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Bath Cabinets With a Modern Splash

If you long to add a modern design statement in your home but fear having something that may be too stark or bold, the bathroom is a great place to express your creativity. Carefully chosen Denver bath cabinets can transform your bathroom into a perfect retreat, offering both function and personal artistic expression. 


Frameless cabinetry

The type of cabinetry you choose can prominently reflect your style. European frameless cabinetry offers an unmistakable modern look. Built without a faceframe, this type of construction allows for larger drawers and interior storage, which can be essential in smaller quarters. Choose bamboo or other exotic wood veneer, or go with an acrylic foil that offers a clean, shiny exterior. Custom cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes, wood finishes and paint colors to match any design concept. Vertical bath cabinets can solve the problem of non-existent or minimal storage space, especially in a bathroom that has a floating vanity, as pictured above.  

Integrated hardware

For contemporary bath cabinetry, integrated handles and finger pulls are a great design addition. In place of bulky, ornate knobs or pulls, you can use a grip notch to open doors and drawers, or you can opt to have integrated stainless steel handles that will add an extra pop of design.


Roll-out and tilt-out trays

From a practical perspective, everyone loves to have easy access to toothpaste, floss, cotton balls and lotions. Roll-out trays for towels, tilt-out trays for floss and other storage accessories are important for contemporary baths. Drawer dividers can help organize beauty products. Look for pull-outs with storage compartments designed specifically for hair dryers, hair brushes and curling irons. 


Eco-friendly products tend to offer a sleek, modern look. By pairing your contemporary-style bath cabinets with durable countertops made from recycled glass, recycled paper products, recycled agricultural by-products or from quartz remnants, you will also be able to feel good about the environmental impact of your bathroom space.



At BKC Kitchen & Bath, we have a variety of countertops, cabinetry and accessories for your bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the home. We’ve been in business in the Denver area for over 35 years. For more information about how we can turn your bathroom into your favorite room in the house, please contact us.



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