A Hint Of Color ~ Crystal Cabinet Works

18 Mar A Hint Of Color ~ Crystal Cabinet Works

A hint of color adds a little zing to any room. Three popular colors emerging right now are green, gray and blue. These colors have a soothing and calming effect because they remind us of earth, sky and water and also blend well with warm wood tones.

Crystal’s greens are: Basil, Mohr Green and Sage; grays are: Overcast and Stonebridge; and for blue there is the versatile stain: Cape Cod.

Try them with different color highlights or glazes and get an entirely new shade! For instance, put black highlight on Cape Cod for a cool blue or Van Dyke Brown on Overcast for a warm gray. Mohr Green in a Rub-thru finish over Umber stain with black highlight creates an appealing, organic combination.

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The color combinations are quite endless with Crystal Cabinet Works!

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