4 Steps to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

4 Steps to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

While a home is constructed of various rooms that reflect the family within, no room touches upon personal lifestyle as much as the kitchen. For entertainers, cooks, families, and individuals alike, the kitchen is the heart of the home.  This space should provide a useful design that also offers the aesthetic you desire.  If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, consider these preliminary steps that will help make the process simpler.

Needs & Dreams

The first task in the remodel process is to determine what you want in your kitchen and how you are going to improve your space.  Even if you are not changing the footprint of the layout, you should keep in mind how more efficient storage will simplify kitchen work.  Will you use more drawers or do you prefer the look of custom cabinets with roll-out shelving?  Will you have enough special items to display in open shelves or glass cabinets, or should you include all enclosed cabinets?  Thinking ahead about the smaller design details will help in decision-making when you get to the design process.


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That being said, budget plays a major role in a Denver kitchen remodel.  Although a budget may fluctuate slightly throughout the process, having a general estimate for all of the materials, designs and labor services you’ll need is crucial.  It will help guide you in which cabinet finishes, countertop options and appliances are affordable for you.


By beginning with square footage, you can consider upgrading or downgrading the design plans. Will that island you want fit in the space? Is there sufficient room for a six-burner oven range? Oftentimes, the design we have in mind will need to be revised in order to make the space efficient, safe and comfortable.


Flow is an important factor to determine the way people move in the space.  Consider your morning or evening routine and how it can be streamlined with the design, according to how many people cook in the kitchen. Will there be enough space for everyone?  If the kitchen does not directly connect to the dining room or breakfast nook, you may want to consider incorporating a space within the kitchen to eat, such as with an island or peninsula and chairs or stools.

In kitchen design, the cabinets are the most influential part of a remodel. They provide the storage, dictate the flow and contribute to the overall design aesthetic.  For more information and to get started on your own remodel, contact us.