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  • BKC Every-Day Pricing is always competitive.
  • We will meet or beat the competitions’ pricing on comparable products.


BKC Home Center Offer!

BKC’s Home Center Offer is SIMPLE – Bring your home center kitchen designs and price into BKC to get your best value:

  • BKC will meet or beat your home center pricing on comparable product

One of the many myths that surround kitchen and bath dealers is that they offer only expensive, custom kitchens. However, this is simply not true. At BKC, we offer a full selection of products ranging from value-line cabinetry all the way up to fully customizable cabinets. In fact, Medallion Cabinetry is actually the sister company of Schuler Cabinetry (found at Lowe’s.) Whereas Schuler only offers about 80% of the full Medallion product line, we proudly offer you a wider product selection at a comparable price.

  • BKC will improve your design, resulting in a more stylish and functional kitchen

Home Center designers’ training is relatively limited to only basic product information and some general computer design. At BKC, our design team has a rich background and a commitment to continuous education in a wide range of topics, including computer design, design trends, styling and new products within the industry. Lowe’s and Home Depot often only staff their cabinetry departments with 2-3 people. BKC’s 9 designers are each other’s greatest resources for collaborative design ideas.

  • BKC will provide better quality cabinetry with more design options

As trained professionals, our design team works with you from start to finish, including visits to your home for consultations and field measures. We make our living on providing you the best experience possible during your new construction or remodel process. The end result is a kitchen or bath that you love. Home Center’s reduced product offering limits the range of their design and the available options they can offer to their customers.

  • BKC will provide a higher level of service

Our service can’t be beat – from the warm reception you receive each time you walk through the door, all the way through to the completion of your project. We staff an in-house service department to help address any issues with your job, if and when they do arise. Our service is not just a warm welcome, but better pricing, better design, more reliable and timely follow-through and 100% completion of your project.