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You may suspect it’s time for a remodel of your kitchen or bath when you recognize similar styles while watching a movie from the 80s, or when you realize there are so many chips in your countertops that you can no longer strategically hide them with dishes or towels.

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bath, many questions will arise on how best to go about the process. Kitchen and bath design professionals can help answer some of those questions, as well as guide you through the selection process.

Coming up with a budget

The first step to putting a kitchen or bath remodel plan together is to calculate what your budget will be. Kitchen and bath design professionals can help provide you with a general idea of the price ranges for custom and semi-custom cabinetry, countertop materials, cabinet hardware and installation costs. For structural or plumbing enhancements or changes, you may need to consult with a general contractor as well. In your budget planning, also consider costs for flooring, lighting, appliances and kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, sinks, toilets and tubs, if needed. Once you have a budget in place, you can better zero-in on which products, materials, designs, colors and accessories appeal to you the most.


Thinking of your overall style

Most people choose cabinetry that fits into the overall style of their home. If you own a midcentury-modern Denver home, you may want sleek, modern-looking cabinets, or, if you own an older Victorian home, you may prefer decorative, traditional cabinets. People who live in a rustic ranch often opt for walnut, cherry or knotty alder cabinets with a natural finish. A design professional can help you evaluate various door styles, finishes, hinge types, drawer glides, knobs and pulls. Consider whether or not you want traditional framed cabinets or the smooth look of contemporary frameless cabinets. Let your designer draw up computer-generated renderings that will help you envision what the final results will look like.  


Balancing function with beauty

Although the look of your cabinetry is important, function is also important. A design expert can help you select complementary countertops and backsplashes, as well as discuss with you how best to utilize your space. Pull-out drawers for pots and pans, designated compartments for recycling, special built-ins and spice racks, oversized drawers with organizers are just a few of the options that can help your kitchen function better.

Renovating your kitchen is a major investment in your home that can pay off in terms of personal enjoyment and potential resale value. At BKC Kitchen and Bath, we have a professional design staff ready to meet with you and provide a preliminary plan, design and cost estimate. We will assist you with as much of your new construction or remodel project as you desire and guarantee the best experience in the market. For more information, visit our Denver cabinet showroom or contact us.   

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Update Your Kitchen With Style

Cabinetry, countertops and accessories can give your Denver kitchen the rejuvenation it needs as well as a bit of character. According to an article by, stark and sterile all-white kitchens as well as the sleek but cold stainless steel look are yesterday’s news. For a stunning Denver kitchen remodel design, consider natural materials, black hardware and contemporary lighting. A kitchen should be clean and tidy as it’s the place where people prepare food, but it also needs to feel warm and cozy as it’s often the hub of the home where people gather and socialize.

Choosing Cabinetry

Incorporate open shelving in place of a solid wall of upper cabinets and choose base cabinets that have a bank of deep drawers instead of traditional shelves or open cupboard space. Don’t be afraid to choose cabinetry that contrasts in terms of style and color, mixing and matching lights and darks or adding a bright splash of color.  

Lighting up the space

Interior design experts suggest using sconce lighting in your kitchen. With fewer upper cabinets, there’s more space for decorative lighting, which can be in many different styles, depending on the look you’re going for. Some of the on-trend finishes include brass, iron and black.


Making a splash

By choosing to add a solid slab of natural stone as backsplash instead of glass or porcelain tiles, you will make a noticeable design statement in your kitchen. Slabs of limestone or marble against open wall space will give the room an artistic, upscale look.

Martin Moore & Company - kitchens - cream cabinets, cream kitchen cabinets, marble slab, marble backsplash, marble slab backsplash, instant hot water faucet, white countertops, two tone kitchen, stained kitchen island, piston stools, white piston stools, glass front cabinets,

Striking Gold

Aged gold and warm metals are becoming more popular as some homeowners desire something other than stainless steel. Brass, black or gold hardware such as pulls on cabinetry can look spectacular in a warm and earthy kitchen. Consider faucets in shades of iron, graphite or gold, as well.

Going Raw and Natural

Natural raw material such as exposed beams, tongue and groove ceilings and walls of brick veneer can bring a rustic look to your Denver kitchen. Natural elements such as wood floors and reclaimed wood for shelving or doors add to the warmth of a kitchen.

When taking on a total kitchen remodel, consult with design experts at BKC Kitchen & Bath. We have a wide selection of countertops, cabinetry and accessories for your Denver kitchen. For more Denver kitchen design tips, please contact us.

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Bath Cabinets With a Modern Splash

If you long to add a modern design statement in your home but fear having something that may be too stark or bold, the bathroom is a great place to express your creativity. Carefully chosen Denver bath cabinets can transform your bathroom into a perfect retreat, offering both function and personal artistic expression. 


Frameless cabinetry

The type of cabinetry you choose can prominently reflect your style. European frameless cabinetry offers an unmistakable modern look. Built without a faceframe, this type of construction allows for larger drawers and interior storage, which can be essential in smaller quarters. Choose bamboo or other exotic wood veneer, or go with an acrylic foil that offers a clean, shiny exterior. Custom cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes, wood finishes and paint colors to match any design concept. Vertical bath cabinets can solve the problem of non-existent or minimal storage space, especially in a bathroom that has a floating vanity, as pictured above.  

Integrated hardware

For contemporary bath cabinetry, integrated handles and finger pulls are a great design addition. In place of bulky, ornate knobs or pulls, you can use a grip notch to open doors and drawers, or you can opt to have integrated stainless steel handles that will add an extra pop of design.


Roll-out and tilt-out trays

From a practical perspective, everyone loves to have easy access to toothpaste, floss, cotton balls and lotions. Roll-out trays for towels, tilt-out trays for floss and other storage accessories are important for contemporary baths. Drawer dividers can help organize beauty products. Look for pull-outs with storage compartments designed specifically for hair dryers, hair brushes and curling irons. 


Eco-friendly products tend to offer a sleek, modern look. By pairing your contemporary-style bath cabinets with durable countertops made from recycled glass, recycled paper products, recycled agricultural by-products or from quartz remnants, you will also be able to feel good about the environmental impact of your bathroom space.



At BKC Kitchen & Bath, we have a variety of countertops, cabinetry and accessories for your bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the home. We’ve been in business in the Denver area for over 35 years. For more information about how we can turn your bathroom into your favorite room in the house, please contact us.



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2014 Home Builders Association CARE Award

Congratulations to BKC Kitchen and Bath designer, Mary Jenkins, who received a 2014 Home Builders Association of Metro Denver Colorado Award for Remodeling Excellence (CARE) for this whole house project, in partnership with Doug Walter Architects.

Denver custom cabinets by Crystal Cabinetry

custom kitchen design

This classic white transitional-style kitchen features Crystal Cabinet Works Inc. The perimeter cabinetry is the French Villa Square door style in painted Frosty White with a Van Dyke Brown highlight. The island is also the French Villa Square door style, Premium Cherry with Blackstone finish.
Entry/Mud room cabinetry is Crystal Cabinet Works, French Villa Square door style, Premium Cherry with Blackstone finish.
The master bath features Crystal Cabinet Works Inc., Country Classic Square door style, Premium Cherry with Heartland Brown and Black glaze finish.
The basement bar features Crystal Cabinet Works Inc., French Villa Square door style, Quarter-sawn White Oak with Blackstone and Black glaze finish.
Home Builders Association


The Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence, known as the CARE awards, are the largest and longest running contest recognizing remodeling of all types, including both commercial and residential. Categories are numerous, and include kitchens, bathrooms, green building, and much more.

Crystal Cabinet Works Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer of fine custom cabinetry that has been carrying on the tradition of handcrafted quality for over 60 years.
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Add a Pop of Color Inside Your Kitchen Cabinets

Adding a pop of color to your kitchen is a great way to spice up your living space without having to paint walls. If you desire a change of color in your current décor, consider adding a dash of color inside your Denver kitchen cabinetry. It’s a great way to show personality without overpowering the room with one solid color. 

Denver KitchenBright hues will be distinctly noticeable when placed inside glass-front cabinets surrounded by white framework. Choose a color that will match another feature in the room, such as a piece of furniture or artwork, to keep the space cohesive. If the color chosen doesn’t match anything, you can bring in complementary items, such as chair cushions, table runners, tablecloths, window treatments or small kitchen appliances in a similar color.

Another option is to incorporate frosted or textured glass into the cabinets, which will tone down a bright interior color yet add an additional layer of interest. Play with different shades and textures to achieve the look you want.

If you don’t desire white framed cabinets, look for a color that will balance out the interior color you choose. Because of the contrast, dark cabinet frames look great with bright interior colors. Again, be sure that the accent color you choose works well with your kitchen and home décor. Bold colors may require a bit of trial and error. Ask a professional about the best choices to match the outer cabinet color. 

denver custom cabinetsIf you choose cabinets that are solid and have no glass fronts, you can still have a colorful interior. Although it won’t be seen immediately, it will nevertheless be noticeable every time you open a door. You can balance it out by adding hardware with the same interior color or adding kitchen items. Dark or neutral solid cabinets are the best with a bright color interior. 

Sometimes, a color is purposely made the centerpiece or the main attraction in the room. If so, you can balance out the color with dishes or other kitchen items. For another design option, incorporate wallpaper or different patterns inside the cabinets instead of paint. Make sure that the items stored inside won’t interfere with the pattern. There are both removable and permanent wallpaper products to choose from, with many styles and designs available.  

Adding a pop of color or pattern inside your cabinetry can bring your kitchen alive and add an unexpected element to your design. For further information, tips and tricks on adding custom cabinets to your kitchen, contact us.

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Avoid Fads in Your Kitchen Design

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there is a difference between being “trendy” and being “on-trend.” It is true that doing a full kitchen remodel will give you the most return for your investment. However, if you focus all of your resources on designer fads, you could risk not recouping all that you invested if you plan to sell your home one day.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s survey 2014 Cost Vs. Value, a large high-end kitchen remodel could cost over $100k. Whatever the level of investment for your kitchen remodel, most homeowners hope to gain a finished product that will look fresh for as long as possible. However, trends that are hot today may be out of vogue in a year, making your kitchen look outdated before you’ve had a chance to break it in.

dogPet Stations

Designing a kitchen with cats and dogs in mind is a nice idea if you are a pet owner, however it may not be the best choice for a new kitchen remodel. According to a press release from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, several kitchen designers who incorporated pet feeding stations, doggy faucets, pet beds and litter box cabinets reported pets either not liking or not using the special features. Keep in mind that, from a resale perspective, the future owners of your home may not have pets and therefore have no need for a doggy faucet or food station in the kitchen.

Pot Racks and Decorative Hoods

Although pot racks and decorative range hoods have been focal points in the kitchen for years, experts are now suggesting steering away from them in your remodel design. Despite being convenient, hanging pots can clutter up the look of your kitchen very quickly and also collect dust if not wiped frequently. The same is true for decorative hoods; venting your cooktop is an important feature, however, a large ornate hood can quickly fill up the room and become overly bulky. Instead, go with under-cabinet venting or a slim, streamlined hood. Add glass or ceramic backsplash tiles above your cooktop and cover the entire wall rather than just the standard 4 or 6-inch backsplash of the past. Choose neutral or complementing colors to ensure a cohesive look.

Granite Countertops

For the last decade, granite has been the most desired material for kitchen countertops due to its durability, glossy sheen and natural formation. According to an article by Building Design and Construction, 70 percent of kitchen designers recently surveyed said that quartz countertops are rapidly becoming more on-trend. Engineered quartz is both super hard and low maintenance and the palette of colors is vast. BKC’s Guide to Non-Granite Countertops offers a comprehensive overview of alternate countertop materials.

Oak, Hickory and Pine Cabinetshbx-1210-kitchen-stool-stove-Bu2kRS-de

When it comes to choosing cabinet material, it is recommended to steer clear of oak, hickory and pine, unless you’re specifically going for a rustic cabin or beach house look. These three wood species tend to have too much grain texture, not enough sophistication and an outdated feel about them. The most popular choice for cabinetry continues to be cherry, with maple and alder following close behind. However, on a steady rise in popularity is walnut.  Rich in both color and texture, walnut is a great choice for either classic or contemporary design. If you’re not interested in an entire kitchen of dark cabinets, consider a walnut slab for your island or hutch countertop; it can be a beautiful contrast next to light or white cabinets.

Remember that when creating your kitchen remodel, it’s good to design a plan that will not only meet your personal style but will also keep a sense of timelessness. For help in selecting custom or semi-custom cabinetry for your Denver dream kitchen, contact us.

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Knobs and Pulls: Deciding on Distinctive Cabinet Hardware

Whether you’re looking for a small way to update your kitchen and bath, or you plan to do a total remodel, picking the right cabinet hardware is an integral part of the design process. Although simple knobs and pulls may seem too insignificant for anyone to notice, the small touches of décor can really make an impact in your home. From ornate to simple, metal to glass, the cabinet hardware you choose will help put the perfect finishing touches in your kitchen and bath.

So how do you choose the right cabinet hardware for your project? Consider the overall look you wish to achieve and find knobs and pulls that will best complement that style. Here are some design options that might help point you in the right direction:

Contemporary richelieu1

If you have a contemporary-style home with sleek, frameless cabinets, consider rectangular pulls in stainless steel, or choose square glass knobs to add a touch of sophistication. This metal and glass knob by Richelieu offers a great contemporary element, perfect for high-gloss or textured laminate cabinetry.


Arts and Craftsbreck

If the style of your home represents classic Arts and Crafts and includes rich wood built-ins, shelves and cabinetry, look for decorative hardware that is solid bronze or iron. The Breckenridge Collection from Schaub and Company offers an array of hammered knobs and pulls sure to complement any Arts and Crafts home.



Country Cottage

If your décor evokes a country or cottage charm, choose cabinet hardware that will enhance that ambrosial feel. Look for pulls and knobs that include a filigree pattern etched into weathered nickel, such as the Inspirations Collection by Amerock, or incorporate porcelain knobs painted with colorful floral accents.  



cup1For a more traditional kitchen that showcases solid wood or painted cabinets, complementary hardware can come in a variety of finishes, from brass to chrome to oil rubbed bronze. The American Classica Collection from Berenson Hardware offers a wide variety of handles, cup pulls and knobs in many styles and finishes.


Retro/Mid-Century Modernboomerang

With the surge in retro and mid-century modern popularity, adding a kitchen that includes flat-panel cabinetry, chrome accents and Formica countertops is sure to bring the old-is-new-again style right to your home. A lot of fun cabinet hardware is available, including these Boomerang pulls by Rejuvenation. Look for modern, swoopy shapes in polished chrome.  


Transitional topknob

If your home encompasses a mix of styles that can’t easily be defined, keeping your cabinet hardware less decorative and more functional may be the way to go. A simple satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze pull, such as from the Somerset Collection by Top Knobs, will complement almost any décor and add a touch of flair without being too flashy.



For the homeowner who wishes to make a bold statement with design details, incorporating cabinet hardware that has unique shape, color and shine will make your cabinetry pop. Although these jazzy pieces may seem a little more challenging to find, you will be amazed at the variety of styles out there. This 32mm pull from the Skyevale Collection by Schaub and Company is made from satin nickel and glass crystals, sure to dazzle any kitchen or bath.   

Cabinet pulls, handles and knobs are not only stylish but also practical. Updated hardware in your kitchen and baths can change or enhance the overall look and feel of your home. Contact us to learn more about cabinet styles and the hardware that best suits them.

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Kitchen Transformation Through Cabinetry

By modifying or adding a new style of cabinetry to your kitchen, you can achieve a refreshing transformation to the current layout of your home. Changing cabinetry styles is a great way to spruce up your current décor or create a whole new appearance altogether. With Denver custom and semi-custom cabinets, there are countless styles to choose from. Here are a few popular options to help you narrow down the look you wish to acquire:


Shaker CabinetsShaker: Whether your design preference is traditional, transitional, modern or contemporary, shaker cabinets work well with almost any décor. Similar to Mission-style, the simple, clean lines and flat-panel door style of Shaker offer a pleasing cohesiveness. With the ability to be constructed from a multitude of materials and finishes, this classic cabinet will not only blend well with your personality but also with your budget. 





Louvered CabinetsLouvered: Originally seen on closet doors and partitions, ventilated slats have come a long way. Incorporated into cabinetry, this door style is perfect for both the kitchen and bath in any geographical area. The sleek lines are great for contemporary or transitional designs, while the “plantation” feel works well in a traditional-style setting. If you’re desiring a beach house ambience, louvered doors are optimal; they will add a dimension of warmth and sunshine to your home, whether in a stained or painted finish. 




laminate_river_cherryBFlat or Slab: If you appreciate the look of simplicity, you will love flat, or slab, door fronts. The absence of details makes this cabinet a great choice for people who crave a simple, no-frills or contemporary look. Like the shaker door, it works well with just about any style and budget. Plus, keeping your cabinet doors clean is a cinch, with no stiles and rails for dirt and oil to collect in. If you’re interested in a higher-end look, inquire about alternate material options, such as carbonized bamboo, acrylic or metal.




Distressed Wood cabinetryDistressed: Cabinets with an antiqued appearance are great for rustic-, country- or cottage-style homes. The distressed look is achieved by applying rub-thru stains or paints and adding worm-holing, cracking, wearing and gouging to the wood, resulting in a well-worn, yet equally beautiful, product. Distressed cabinets tend to fall into a higher price point due to the extra processes required, however the end result is an heirloom-quality kitchen.  





Bead Board CabinetryBead board: Homeowners who like the look of a country cottage or home by the sea will certainly love the addition of bead board to their cabinetry. Like louvered doors, bead board was a product initially created for wall treatments, however it has since transitioned into a desirable cabinet style. The slatted wood can be used on the cabinet doors themselves or as the interior finish of the cabinet. Sometimes referred to as Cape Cod, bead board will help make a kitchen bright, clean and airy. 




Bridgeport_Oak_EspressoArch: Once considered an outdated look, cabinet doors that incorporate an arched face are now becoming more popular. The curvature of the raised panel offers an elegant look, reminiscent of classical architecture or Renaissance-period woodwork. With several styles to choose from, including eyebrow and cathedral, the arch looks great in many applications, including wood, painted finishes and thermofoils. If an entire room full of arched doors seems too much, consider incorporating them into just a few places, such as only on the upper wall cabinets or in a furniture-style hutch. 



As you remodel your kitchen, consider the cabinet design that best encompasses your overall style. The right cabinet can truly transform your kitchen. If you can’t seem to find what you want, remember that there is the option of  custom cabinetry, where doors can be designed to your exact specifications. For more information on custom and semi-custom cabinets, contact us.


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Kitchens and Technology: The Future of Kitchen Design

Creating the perfect kitchen is not only about incorporating the elements you desire, it’s also about keeping those elements efficient, easy to use and updated. Merging technology into your kitchen will help you complete complex and time-consuming tasks promptly while also conserving energy. Automatic can openers and appliances are just the beginning of what your Denver kitchen remodel can become.   

Refrigerators, stovetops, ovens and dishwashers already operate with the touch of a button. Now, advanced technology has taken this a step further. Touch-less faucets, sensor trashcans, computerized appliances that scan items before cooking and countertops doubling as cooking or charging stations are but a few of the technological advances now being incorporated into kitchen remodels. 

  • Glided cabinet shelves that roll and slide for easy access are convenient and also blend in seamlElectrolux-Inspiro-Ovenessly with the décor of your space. 
  • Under-cabinet LED lighting adds a soft touch and reduces energy consumption.
  • Hard-wired and battery-operated appliances eliminate the clutter of electrical cords and outlets.
  • Wall ovens, such as the Inspiro by Electrolux, use sensors to calculate the precise combination of energy consumption and time needed to cook food to the correct temperature.  
  • A ‘sous-vide’, or steamer oven, facilitates healthier eating by cooking a wider range of dishes that require rice, fish or chicken to be lightly prepared rather than deep-fried or roasted.
  • For tea drinkers, a boiling water tap, such as the Red® system by GROHE, keeps three litres of filtered kettle hot water ready for immediate use at all times, right out of your kitchen faucet.Mestyle_LED-Wallpaper1-537x402
  • Lacking decorating skills? Consider adding LED wallpaper in your kitchen or eating area. Illuminated wallpapers by Meystyle are available as a collection of 22 unique designs, each depicting a different theme. Not only do these wallpapers add to the aesthetic value of a room, they also provide energy-efficient ambient lighting.

Technology in the kitchen is all about selection. Each element comes in many designs, patterns, shapes and sizes to match your style. Think about what your personal needs are and consult with a professional at BKC Kitchen and Bath to help design the space that will accommodate those needs.

Technology is changing the way we operate our kitchens. Incorporating these options into your remodel will surely help keep you a step or two ahead of the game – and perhaps make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood. Contact us for more information.


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5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling

Today’s top priority for many homeowners planning bath and kitchen remodeling in Denver is to implement eco-friendly materials that are functional, effective and diminish environmental impact. Since kitchens and bathrooms are the most active rooms in the home as far as energy consumption, choosing eco-friendly cabinets, countertops and energy efficient appliances goes a long way toward efficient green living.

  1. Kitchen Cabinets – Select kitchen cabinets from manufacturers that are certified by the Environmental Stewardship Program of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). Cabinets made by these companies use eco-friendly materials and finishes with limited emissions. Cabinet manufacturers like Crystal Cabinet Works and Medallion Cabinetry use woods certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, environmentally safe laminates and recycled materials.  icestone
  2. Countertops – Several kitchen countertops offer sustainable materials, such as Icestone and Vetrazzo, which are produced with recycled glass. Other countertop choices include Richlite, which is made with recycled paper and Caesarstone, which is created with natural quartz. Also, check your local design centers for TorZo countertops, which are manufactured with natural agricultural materials.
  3. Energy Saving Appliances – Look for the Energy Star label on dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and disposals when remodeling your kitchen. Using less water, electricity and gas not only saves utility costs but also has less of an impact on the environment.
  4. Renewable Flooring – When replacing your kitchen flooring, try to reuse the existing subfloor and choose  flooring manufactured with low-formaldehyde. Ask the advice of your local kitchen remodeling professionals for the best renewable flooring and eco-friendly floors for kitchen use.
  5. Lighting – Replace your old light fixtures with energy saving products that use energy-efficient bulbs. Try to install plenty of windows for natural daylight and air ventilation, cutting down on the need for air conditioning. Also, install window shades for controlling summer heat from direct sunlight.

If you’re thinking of kitchen remodeling, contact us at BKC Kitchen and Bath and our product specialists can help you create an eco-friendly kitchen with top-quality products and outstanding service.


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