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Remodeling Your Kitchen for a New-Tech Market

In recent studies surrounding the best cities to live and work in, Colorado has repeatedly been in the spotlight as one of the most sought-after places for jobs, especially in the technology and IT industries. According to Forbes, “Denver’s relatively central location makes it a natural location as a distribution hub for the American west, while also supporting a number of growing industries in technology and telecommunications.”

Many of these Colorado newcomers are settling into careers with IBM or Oracle, while others are planning their own tech startups in what’s set to be the Rocky Mountains’ own Silicon Valley. With this population influx comes the need for homes, lofts and condos perfectly suited for a large group of tech workers looking for desirable residences in Denver’s beautiful and natural setting.

Whether you’re planning to put your house on the market or intend to stay in your home for a while and wish to update your current interior, these three Denver kitchen remodel ideas highlight key trends in current kitchen design that many tech-savvy newcomers would find desirable.

1.) Sleek cabinet design and integrated smart appliances: If your aim is to attract tech professionals new to the city, remodeling your kitchen to include appliances featuring smart technology might also warrant adding a minimalist, contemporary style to the rest of the kitchen. Tech-lovers can appreciate the sleek design of frameless or flat-panel cabinetry matching the lines of a brushed-chrome refrigerator or integrated oven. The addition of stainless steel accents on cabinetry, such as metal feet on islands and unembellished pulls on doors and drawers, will bring an overall modern aesthetic to the décor.

Image by Partners 4, Design/Crystal Cabinets

2.) Dynamic function with countertops: Maximizing space with large or strategically-placed countertops on perimeters, peninsulas and islands appeals to new homebuyers because of the wealth of function that comes with it. Whether used for cooking meals, entertaining with friends, or meeting with co-workers on new projects, having multi-use countertops will increase functionality and purpose in the kitchen. Current trends include expansive butcher blocks, stainless steel islands and underlit glass countertops that come in an array of colors and patterns.

Image by ThinkGlass

3.) Eco-friendly materials: In addition to energy-efficient appliances, more people have become drawn to eco-friendly materials that can be showcased throughout the kitchen. Many eco-friendly products lend themselves to a natural look which integrates well with high-tech gadgets. Picture an electronics charging station on top of a solid bamboo block or an espresso machine on top of an IceStone recycled-glass countertop. Environmentally-friendly materials mesh well and bridge the natural and technological features of a contemporary kitchen, offering a perfect representation of Denver’s growing aesthetic and discerning style.

Image by

Remodeling your kitchen with modern ideas can help attract new-tech professionals in your area and will also provide timeless design if you intend to live in your home for awhile. For inspiration on adding leading-edge style and increased function in your kitchen, contact us. We have a team of designers ready to help you create a noteworthy space certain to impress the emerging new-tech market.


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Timeless Design in Your Master Bath

Cabinetry for the bathroom is no longer just about functionality and practicality. Many cabinet options can also be pleasing aesthetically. The beauty about designing new cabinets for the home is the freedom you have to customize layouts, colors and surface materials to fit your style and space according to your own tastes. With so many options at your disposal and the ability to choose from a wide selection of Denver custom cabinets and semi-custom cabinets, you can successfully create a personalized master bath that’s as unique as you are.


Photo courtesy of

The design of a bathroom largely depends upon the preferences of the homeowner. Where one may find comfort in a traditional or simple design, another may seek to be a trendsetter and use less-conventional materials, patterns or layouts. Ideally, the design will be a reflection of your own style. The privacy of space that a bathroom affords also gives you the freedom to decorate the room according to your own personal “must haves”, such as towel-warming bars, candle alcoves, integrated media systems and objets d’art displays.


Photo courtesy of BKC Kitchen and Bath

Our goal at BKC Kitchen and Bath is to design a bathroom for you that will remain timeless. One way to accomplish this is to include natural materials such as stone, wood, metal and glass, which have remained popular for decades. Quality material is the key to a lasting design. With the right balance of practical elements and individualism, a bathroom can leave its footprint on the next generation of design by imparting the creativity of the homeowner’s style as a basis for the next innovative trend.

Photo courtesy of

Choosing the perfect master bath cabinets from the many varieties available is a bit like picking paint colors from an artist’s palette; in addition to a wide assortment of wood species, thermofoils and acrylics, the styles of cabinets can include raised- or flat-panel doors, framed or frameless box construction, stained finishes or painted surfaces, glass or metallic accents and many other possibilities. The countless combinations and selections can inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind custom design.

If you want to leave your mark on the future of bathroom design, contact us today to get started.


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Options for Maximizing Your Corner Kitchen Cabinets

When planning for a newly-constructed or renovated kitchen, it’s important to make the best use of all available space, especially when the space you have is at a premium. Corners are often the most under-utilized areas in the kitchen, but did you know that they can actually be the greatest resources for storage and organization? Depending on your storage needs and the overall layout of your space, one or more of these corner cabinet solutions might be the perfect fit for your Denver kitchen renovation.

Lazy susan

The lazy susan remains one of the most popular choices for organizing a corner cabinet. This storage option features a round tiered shelving system that rotates or pulls out with the touch of a hand, allowing easy access to everything stored on it. In addition to the classic round lazy susan design, contemporary lazy susans offer an array of shapes and accessibility points. The Blind Corner Base with Pull Out Storage by Medallion Cabinetry is comprised of a unique peanut-shaped pull-out system that brings everything from inside the cabinet right out to your fingertips. Incorporating a lazy susan in your kitchen design will help keep everything close at hand.

Image by Medallion Cabinetry

Image by Medallion Cabinetry

Corner drawers

The corner drawer is a storage solution that is quickly gaining popularity for its visual aesthetic. Built with an inverted “V” shape on the front, these drawers blend perfectly with the surrounding cabinetry, offering a smooth, flush look on the outside while seamlessly hiding contents on the inside. As with the Space Corner for Tandembox by Blum, when pulled open, the full-extension guides extend the drawer box out beyond the cabinet frame, allowing complete access to items without the need to reach deep inside. With corner drawers, you also have the ability to subdivide the interiors to keep dishware or small items better organized. One drawback to note is that the interior space surrounding the corner drawers is not fully utilized due to the shape, size and clearance needed for each of the drawer boxes to open properly.

Image by Blum

Image by Blum

Pivoting shelf system

Sometimes called a Magic Corner, the pivoting shelves of this type of cabinet give the user complete access to items stored even at the rear of the cabinet. As demonstrated with the Magic Corner II from Hafele, when the front shelving unit is pulled out and swiveled to a 90-degree open position, the rear shelving unit simultaneously moves forward to the cabinet opening. With its durability and deep shelf design, Magic Corner units can even hold small appliances, such as a juicer, food processor, slow cooker or frequently used items that are nice to have handy but can clutter up your counters if not tucked away. This innovative design makes this system one of the most optimal solutions for complete usage of a corner cabinet.

Image by Hafele

Image by Hafele


Corner cabinets in the kitchen are a valuable resource for storage. In many older homes, these cabinets were deemed useless because of inaccessibility, but thanks to newer innovations, the corners in your kitchen don’t have to be inoperative or left vacant. Now, there are several options available to increase both storage and efficiency. Whether you’re putting in a brand new kitchen or just updating your current space, contact us for the latest cabinet ideas.



Medallion Cabinetry


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Framework Options to Meet Your Style

Selecting new cabinetry for your Denver kitchen remodel involves more than choosing the door style and finish color you love. Deciding on the framework of the cabinetry is an equally important factor that will greatly influence the look of your kitchen. Does your personal style lean towards classic or contemporary? Do you like the look of exposed hinges, such as finials, or do you prefer hidden hardware? When it comes to weighing cabinet framework options, personal preference is the key.

Framed cabinet construction

If you live in a home that represents a traditional style or you simply prefer a classic look, framed cabinet construction is the best option for you. In framed cabinet construction, component parts make up the sides, back, top and bottom of the cabinet. These parts are then joined together and attached to the face frame, which is the primary support for the cabinet. Doors and drawers are fit either to partially overlay the frame (called 1/4 overlap or lip) or to completely overlay the frame. Framed cabinets are easy to install because they do not have the minimal door clearance tolerances found in the frameless method of cabinet construction. However, this method of construction has less interior storage space because the interior size of drawers or roll-out accessories is smaller than the overall width of the cabinet.


Frameless cabinet construction

If you prefer a more contemporary style, such as is commonly seen in European homes, frameless cabinet construction is the right choice for you. Due to their thickness, the case parts of frameless cabinets form a box that does not need a front frame for stability or squareness; doors and drawers cover the entire face of the cabinet. The major advantages of frameless construction are total accessibility to the case interior and the clean, simple design statement made by the finished product. Frameless cabinets add a touch of sophistication and modern appeal to any room.


Inset cabinet construction

If you are someone who enjoys a mix of styles, incorporating cabinetry with inset construction will provide a transitional look perfect for almost any décor. Inset cabinets, which feature recessed doors, are a great option for homeowners who want clean lines as well as traditional styling. With inset construction, cabinet doors sit tucked inside the face frame, and hinges can either be concealed or visible, depending on your preference. Unlike overlay construction, inset doors and drawer fronts are designed to precisely fit inside the face frame.



To learn more about cabinet construction and framework options, give us a call or visit our showroom. We have many vignettes on display that feature an array of cabinet styles, and our design team is ready to help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Contact us today!


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Kitchen Renovation: Asking the Right Questions Before You Start

Before you start your Denver kitchen renovation, it’s important to weigh all of your options and come up with a solid plan. In addition to establishing a workable budget, the planning process should include making a checklist of project goals and gathering design ideas. Inspiration can come from a variety of sources, including photo-sharing websites like Houzz and Pinterest, kitchen and bath trade magazines, online design forums, and a local home and garden show. You might even take a peek at newly-constructed or renovated homes for sale in your area to see what’s currently trending in your neighborhood.

According to an article by The Washington Post, coming up with the perfect plan is all about being aware of what you want and what you can afford. Most people budget for semi-custom or custom kitchen cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, lighting fixtures and a kitchen island. What kind of material you choose for your countertops, as well as whether you opt for custom or semi-custom cabinets, will affect your budget. Ask yourself a few key questions before heading out to a Denver kitchen showroom to look at cabinetry and consult with a design professional.

Denver kitchen remodel

1. Is this renovation solving a problem?

By investing in a kitchen renovation, are you solving a specific problem? Consider whether your current kitchen seems too dark or feels too cramped. Does your cabinetry need updating? Do you require more room for entertaining? Would you benefit from a better layout for cooking preparation? Look at problem areas and add them to your list of project goals.

2. Do you want to open up your kitchen space or enclose it more?

Do you currently have an enclosed kitchen that you’d like to open up, or a large, open kitchen that you’d like to increase the privacy of? Think about the impact of removing or adding whole walls, opening up doorways or adding pocket doors, half walls or archways to your existing space. Seek the guidance of an architect or structural engineer when your remodel plan includes altering the original structural design of the space.

3. Is there enough storage?

Does your current kitchen layout have enough storage space? Are there small appliances, cooking gadgets and other items taking up valuable space on your countertops because there’s no other place to store them? As part of your kitchen renovation planning process, explore possible storage solutions, such as adding an additional pantry or choosing custom cabinets that provide convenient roll-outs, built-in spice racks, dishware pegs, cookie sheet slots, or a corner lazy-susan. If the space of your kitchen allows for it, an island or peninsula can also provide storage options.

4. How will you use your kitchen?

Some people enjoy doing a lot of cooking in their kitchens, while others prefer to bring home meals and use their kitchens as places to socialize or to work on homework. If you are someone who doesn’t cook very often, consider purchasing new appliances that are less expensive than the deluxe, professional-grade ranges and refrigerators on the market. Instead, direct a larger portion of your renovation budget towards the purchase of semi-custom or custom cabinets that will provide the designer look you want with the storage options you need.

Kitchen renovation Denver

At BKC Kitchen & Bath, we specialize in cabinetry, countertops and accessories for many rooms in the home. Visit our exceptional showroom to gain inspiration before starting your renovation project. For more information and ideas about how to get started on transforming your kitchen into the dream kitchen you desire, please contact us.

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Renovation Ideas: Creating an Open Family-Style Kitchen

If you have a young family or several generations living under one roof, you are likely interested in a family-style kitchen. Small kitchens just can’t accommodate all the family activities that take place in today’s kitchen space. According to a recent article by, a kitchen renovation can create a family center much like the living room of the past. A renovated Denver kitchen is where your family can eat, entertain, do homework and work on projects together.

Rather than opting for a cheap cosmetic fix, some families invest the money in a total kitchen renovation to increase their home’s value and improve their family’s lifestyle. When thinking of a Denver kitchen design for your distinctively Colorado home, enlist the help of design professionals.

Adding a kitchen island

Few galley-style kitchens have the space for a kitchen island. Creating a large, open kitchen allows plenty of room for a kitchen island that can be used for not only cooking and food preparation but also for gathering around and eating at. When planning your kitchen design, ask an expert about how to best situate the island to get the most use out of it. Your kitchen island can include storage cabinets, an eating area, a sink, a cooktop, several small appliances, even a book shelf or wine rack. Customize your island to cater to your family’s specific needs.



Creating cohesiveness

Designing an open floor plan for the kitchen isn’t just about knocking down walls and adding cabinetry, it’s also about creating cohesiveness. Making choices not only about the size of the kitchen but also about how the space surrounding the kitchen will be utilized is essential. Do you prefer to have a dining room incorporated into the floor plan or perhaps an informal lounge or family room area? According to an article on Houzz, Natalie Myers poses these questions to consider: “As people move from one space to the next, which ones make the most sense to be near each other? An obvious adjacency is placing the dining table near the kitchen, but then do you want an area for comfortable seating immediately nearby, a small workspace, or maybe a children’s play area? It all depends on your lifestyle.” A rule of thumb when designing an open, family-style kitchen is to maintain cohesiveness by using consistent wall color, flooring material and complementing interior décor throughout the space.



Splurging on accessories

If your kitchen renovation is on a budget, opt for affordable, quality semi-custom cabinets like Medallion Cabinetry and splurge on eye-catching accessories, such as decorative cabinet hardware, hammered-steel sinks, touchless faucets, electronics docking stations and dramatic light fixtures. Another option for design might be to install custom cabinets as focal points in or around the kitchen and mix in less expensive alternatives that complement the design.

When designing a large, open kitchen, remember you will likely need more cabinets and countertops as well as larger light fixtures to ensure everything is to scale. Get creative with color choices, backsplash material and flooring options.

At BKC Kitchen & Bath, we get excited about helping our clients design exceptional kitchens and baths. We have served homeowners, designers and builders in Colorado since 1978. For more information on design ideas for open, family-style kitchens, please contact us.


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Bath Renovation With Modern Appeal

For most homeowners, remodeling a kitchen often takes precedence over a bathroom renovation, but design experts say that adding a spa-like bathroom will take center stage in 2015 for home remodeling projects. According to an article by Huffington Post Home, bathroom trends can be just as fresh and innovative as kitchen trends. Before deciding on your favorite Denver bath cabinets, consider some of the design options now flourishing in the one room in the home that’s often private, peaceful and quiet. Referring to a 2014 survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association concerning upcoming trends, the Huffington Post article cites that bathroom design styles have turned from rustic and traditional to clean and contemporary.

  • Cabinets with modern appeal

Whether you opt for custom cabinetry or semi-custom cabinetry, look for door styles and colors that have a modern appeal. Rather than going with hickory or knotty alder that have distinct wood grain patterns or knots, choose wood that has smoother texture, such as maple or cherry. You can also opt for thermofoils or acrylics that offer bold colors and glossy sheens. Minimalist cabinetry without ornate or busy patterns is best. A flat or slab-style door front will gave your cabinetry clean lines and a contemporary feel. If you prefer a bit of depth to your cabinet doors, shaker-style can still give your bathroom a modern look – just be sure to avoid adding glazes or highlights that can build up along the inside edges.


  • Soaking tubs and eco-friendly countertops

Continuing with the emphasis on cleanliness, many designers suggest opting for a free-standing or soaking tub instead of a shower and tub-surround with grout lines that can be unsightly and difficult to clean. Remember, the simpler the design of your bathroom, the better and more calming the overall effect will be. When choosing countertop material for your vanity (or vanities), be aware that granite has lost some of its appeal in the bath. Popular countertop materials now are engineered quartz and recycled glass products, such as Cambria and Ice Stone. Both options are durable, environmentally-friendly and have a wide palette of colors.

  • Bolder accents and accessories

Chrome faucets, towel racks and cabinet hardware with simple, clean lines are considered the most desirable in current bathroom design. In lieu of installing ordinary white subway tiles, choose bolder backsplashes and wall tiles with an edgier look. Stainless steel, glass and ceramic tiles in an array of patterns and colors can offer a more daring statement. Most kitchen and bath designers will tell you that it’s okay to take chances with bath décor that you might not undertake in other rooms in your home.


At BKC Kitchen & Bath, our design experts are here to help you create a distinctive, modern bathroom design that will bring you both visual satisfaction and the perfect place for relaxation. For more ideas on renovating your bathroom and to see a selection of the best cabinets in Denver, please contact us.


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Breathe New Life Into Your Laundry Room

Doing laundry is a chore not often relished. Having a specific room dedicated to doing it in, though, can relieve some of the stress and might even make doing housework a little more enjoyable.

According to an article by, many homeowners are looking for an elevated laundry experience that goes beyond a dark, cluttered corner in a garage or basement. Experts advise that when upgrading your laundry room, it’s wise to consider both functionality and aesthetics.

Cabinets and Storage

In addition to having a washer and dryer, adding Denver custom cabinetry to your design layout will give you extra features such as storage for cleaning supplies, bins for clothes sorting, pull-outs for ironing and other helpful amenities. Depending on the location of your laundry room, you can select cabinets that match your kitchen or bath, or you can select a style that will stand out on its own.


Proper lighting

As part of a laundry room renovation or addition, having adequate lighting is important to properly illuminate the tasks you are doing. Depending on your space, recessed or pendant light fixtures are great choices for ambient lighting. For more specific task lighting, you can incorporate under-cabinet lighting just as you would in your kitchen.


Counter space

By installing a front-loading washer and dryer, you can place a countertop directly above, extending your storage space while offering a convenient spot for sorting and folding laundry. Rather than resting the countertop directly on the washer and dryer, support the material with sturdy wall braces to keep it elevated, thereby keeping direct pressure off of the appliances. Or, you can opt to secure the countertop by extending it to cover cabinets on either side of the washer and dryer. Avoid using a countertop material that is too heavy or too cost-prohibitive, such as granite. Laminate, melamine or other lightweight materials are optimal.


Ironing and sorting

Another important aspect of your laundry room is having proper space and tools for ironing, folding and sorting. As part of your Denver custom cabinetry consultation, inquire with your designer about fold-out/pull-out ironing board choices. You can customize your laundry room with other accessories and storage options, including specialized hampers and baskets and custom hanging rack systems for your clothing.


When planning a remodel of your laundry room, be sure to consider safety precautions and sound issues. Installing  non-slip floors will help keep you safe from falls. Choose flooring material that won’t warp or damage if there is a water leak, and install a floor drain to keep unexpected flooding under control. Add cushioned mats in front of your standing areas to help ease the strain of being on your feet. Depending on how far away your laundry room is from the main living areas of your home, add an extra layer of insulation in the walls to help reduce excess noise. For laundry rooms located on the second floor, it is recommended that floor joists be reinforced.

At BKC Kitchen & Bath, we can help you design your Denver laundry room, kitchen and bathrooms. We are proud to have a solid reputation helping Colorado residents since 1978. For more information on cabinetry for any room, please contact us.


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Kitchen and Bath Remodel Advice for Home Sellers

If you are planning to sell your home, it’s important to look beyond staging rooms with fancy furnishings or décor in order to catch potential buyers’ eyes. Homebuyers today are looking for specific features in their kitchens, baths and other key areas of the home. While you may not be able to change the structural design of your house in order to appeal to more buyers, you do have control over your kitchen and bath design and choice of Denver cabinets, countertops and accessories.

By relying on the expertise of kitchen and bath design professionals to guide you along the way, you are more likely to receive the kind of competitive offers from homebuyers you’re hoping for. According to a report by the National Association of Home Builders that examined what homebuyers really want, 45 percent of those surveyed hoped to buy an existing home. Living space is extremely important to homebuyers today, which is why it’s smart to stick with an open kitchen design.

Balance quality and appearance

When budgeting for your home remodeling project, consider spending a good portion on select kitchen cabinets and countertops. According to the report, homebuyers care about quality and appearance with kitchen countertops and cabinets. Additionally, of those surveyed, over eighty percent stated that having a full-size bathroom, as opposed to a half-bath, on the main level of the home is preferred.


Photo: KitchenCraft Cabinetry

Include the must-have features

Although custom cabinets and other popular trends in kitchen and bath design may not be appealing to you personally, it’s important to think about your potential buyers. The NAHB report reveals there are certain features the majority of those surveyed want to see in a home that they buy:

  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Walk-in kitchen pantry
  • Bathroom linen closet
  • Both a shower stall and a tub in the master bath
  • Separate laundry room
  • Double sink in the kitchen
  • Table space for eating in the kitchen
kitchen remodel Denver

Photo: BKC Kitchen and Bath

Avoid unpopular trends

If you are going to invest in a kitchen or bathroom renovation, don’t waste your money and resources on materials and amenities that are deemed unpopular. According to the NAHB survey, a majority of homebuyers don’t care for ceramic tile countertops, glass-front cabinets or his and hers bathrooms. Wine coolers and wet bars also made the unwanted list.

Choosing aging-in-place amenities

Another consideration when trying to sell your home is to choose materials that are “aging-in-place” friendly, such as non-slip floors, well-located storage and motion-sensor lights. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed said lower kitchen cabinets were either essential or desirable, while in the bathroom, grab bars, levers instead of knobs as handles and seating in the shower are must-haves.

At BKC Kitchen & Bath, we have served Colorado residents since 1978. Our design team takes great pride in helping clients with all levels of kitchen and bathroom design projects. For more information on the services we provide, including kitchen and bath cabinets, countertops and accessories, please contact us.


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BKC Kitchen and Bath Featured in Denver’s 5280 Magazine

Excerpt from the December issue of Denver’s 5280 Magazine

Merry & Bright

Empty nesters ready their cooking space for the future by fusing old and new. 

December 2014
Denver Kitchen 
— Photography by Emily Minton Redfield


After 44 years together, Anne and Bob Fries have found one more secret to a happy marriage: a kitchen that accommodates at least two cooks. 

The pair, who began dating in high school, discovered this bliss after recently renovating their 1928 Tudor in Congress Park. The makeover was inspired by their desire to host their children and two grandchildren, who also live in Denver, for casual meals in a pretty space they could all enjoy. “We needed better function and flow in our kitchen,” says Anne, who spent years bumping elbows with her husband as they prepared meals in the formerly tight space. “We got that—plus a truly beautiful room.”

custom cabinets Denver

The couple hired architect Dean Lindsey (then of Nest Architectural Design and now with Shelter Lab Architecture) and kitchen designer Caitrin McIlvain of BKC Kitchen & Bath to design the layout, which included a small addition to increase square footage. Then the Fries looked to interior designers Kristi Dinner and Susan Schwab, principals at Company KD, to bring the details up to date. The pair fused the home’s traditional roots with modern style: simple lines, appealing patterns, fine details, and pops of color. “Their style is traditional; their furniture is traditional,” says Dinner. “The goal was not to change their style, but to freshen it up and put a modern twist on the traditional.”

The Fries’ love of color drove the palette, so the designers created a custom breakfast table with a red-orange lacquer finish for a vivid pop. The hue also carries through in the Loro Piana fabric on the chairs and the banquette’s upholstery by Brentano. For a bold complement to all that red, the designers used green—from the opposite end of the color wheel—for the island cabinetry and a standalone hutch.

The design marries new and old in a way that honors both the contemporary elements and the home’s history. The backsplash tile features two styles: a small-scale, pearlized mini-brick tile—a modern tip of the hat to the home’s early-20th-century roots—and a bold, shimmery Chiclet mosaic behind the range. Both rise to the ceiling to play up the room’s height and add depth and texture. 

The light fixtures, too, reflect a mix of styles: Sleek iron-and-glass pendants glow above the island, while a more traditional Murray Feiss chandelier crowns the breakfast nook. (The combination works, in part, because the fixtures have similar finishes.) 

Chicken wire in a couple of cabinets and open shelves in the hutch allow the Fries to showcase personal objects. And in the adjoining sunroom, a custom top-down window shade shields street-level views for privacy and lets in light at the top. The topiary design on the fabric repeats on the wallpaper. “It’s got a sense of bringing the outside in,” Schwab says. “It’s a traditional design element, but done in a modern way.”   


Architect: Dean Lindsey, Nest Architectural Design, nestarch.comDenver Kitchen Designer: Caitrin McIlvain, BKC Kitchen & Bath, bkckitchenandbath.comInterior Designers: Kristi Dinner and Susan Schwab, Company KD, 


Crystal Cabinetry


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